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Emergency stay of injunction denied for NFL in Ezekiel Elliott case, running back can keep playing for now

The NFL’s motion was denied by a judge.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Judge Amos Mazzant denied the NFL’s emergency motion for a stay of the injunction granted to Ezekiel Elliott. The move was expected since the same judge was the one who originally granted the preliminary injunction allowing Ezekiel Elliott to stay on the field while his case makes its way through the court system. The ruling means Elliott can continue to play until the NFL’s next appeal is heard.

That emergency order motion has already been field with the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by the NFL. They have requested a ruling by September 19th and no later than September 26th, but the court is under no obligation to give a ruling in that timeframe.

PFT relays part of the judge’s decision:

“In its Emergency Motion in front of the Court, the NFL is complaining that the Court essentially issued a premature order by failing to wait for the arbitrator to issue his ruling and therefore, lacked subject matter jurisdiction. Oddly, the NFL is now seeking expedited relief from the Fifth Circuit without first waiting for the Court to rule on the identical issue. The irony is not lost on the Court.”

Mazzant’s ruling also takes issue with the NFL’s argument that Elliott would not suffer irreparable harm if the suspension went into effect because he would recover any lost money if later court rulings found the suspension should be permanently enjoined. Mazzant writes that “it is well-recognized that Elliott will suffer injury if he has to serve an improper suspension while awaiting the resolution of the petition to vacate” and that the league has not shown any harm that will be done to it if the suspension is on hold while the legal process plays out.

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