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Ezekiel Elliott acknowledges lack of effort on Broncos interception play

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel Elliott has acknowledged he showed a lack of effort when he stood with his hands on his hips while Broncos corner Chris Harris returned an interception. In his first comments on the subject since the game, Zeke didn’t really try to hide the fact he was frustrated and didn’t show the kind of effort expected of him. His response was to the idea that he “quit” most notably expressed by commentator LaDainian Tomlinson.

“I guess you could say it looked like that,” Elliott said Thursday in his first comments since Tomlinson’s comments. “I would say I was just very frustrated, but that’s no excuse for the lack of effort I showed on tape. I just can’t do that. Being one of the leaders on the team and being a guy that people count on, I can’t put that type of stuff on film.”

“Just bad effort,” Elliott said.

Elliott insists the play and the game were out of character.

“It’s definitely not me,” Elliott said. “It’s definitely not the type of player I am. It’s definitely not who I am for this team. I just can’t do that. I was frustrated, and I wasn’t myself.”

Jason Garrett said that there was a discussion with Zeke about the incident, but in typical Garrett fashion he folded it into a larger picture of things happen every week and we clean them up.

"We cleaned the game up the way we clean the game up," Garrett said when asked directly if he's spoken to Elliott about those plays. "Every week there are issues on our team that we address head on and we make sure we handle them, we address them, we solve them and we keep moving forward.

"There were plenty of things in that ballgame we need to address and put behind us."

Specifically, how did Elliott react?

"Yeah, Zeke is a professional," Garrett said. "Zeke knows how to play football at this level. He's demonstrated that over the course of his career.

"He's not perfect. Nobody is perfect. When things happen, we address them. We coach them and then we move forward."

Elliott will get a chance to redeem himself on Monday night. Not only for this issue, but for the fact that he and the Cowboys offense were shut down by the Broncos defense. They certainly don’t want that to happen two weeks in a row.

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