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Cowboys @ Cardinals expert picks: The book on slowing Dallas is out, but have Cardinals read it?

A sampling of picks made for the Cowboys @ Cardinals game suggests the Cowboys are favored to win on the road.

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Game-Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a sampling of picks made for the Cowboys @ Cardinals game.

Pro Football Talk (Smith): Cowboys 24, Cardinals 21

I’m having a hard time getting a handle on the Cowboys after they blew out the Giants in Week One and then got blown out by the Broncos in Week Two. But I’ll pick Dallas to win this one, probably with a few big plays on special teams making the difference.

NFL (Harrison): Cowboys 29, Cardinals 24

The Cowboys rebound in Week 3, partially because of the embarrassment of an awful effort in Week 2, partially because the Cardinals are not a good football team. At least not right now. Arizona clearly misses David Johnson. The Cards also miss an effective Carson Palmer. Though Palmer did make a few throws late to help Bruce Arians' squad not be winless after two weeks. Still, limping to 16 points against the Colts' defense was almost as bad as all the criticism going on in Dallas right now. Anticipate Ezekiel Elliott rushing for a buck-25. That should slow the roll of Cards pass rusher Chandler Jones, who's recorded three sacks already.

Sporting News (Steele): Cowboys 24, Cardinals 19

The Cowboys’ spanking by the Broncos, plus the Giants’ destruction by the Lions, suddenly makes Dallas’ opening-night win over New York far less impressive. The Cardinals may be missing key pieces through free agency and injury (ouch, David Johnson) and may be hit-and-miss all year with Carson Palmer. But the Cowboys cannot take this lightly at all. Bruce Arians’ team still has bite.

Pro Football Talk (Florio): Cowboys 24, Cardinals 10

Ezekiel Elliot will be getting more than eight yards, and he won’t be caught loafing by the Monday night cameras.

LA Times (Farmer): Cowboys 24, Cardinals 20

At some point, the Cardinals will show a flicker of life, and it could be against this struggling secondary. Still, it’s hard to see Arizona waking up until we actually see it happen.

New York Times (Hoffman): Cowboys

Dallas (1-1) is probably trying to pretend last week never happened. Dak Prescott committed turnovers, Ezekiel Elliott could not find any room to run, and the Cowboys were simply humiliated by the Broncos. The problems were rampant on both sides of the ball, but a chance to regroup against Arizona (1-1), a team that could barely beat the lowly Colts, could help shake the loss off and get Dallas back to a position of strength. Pick: Cowboys

Miami Herald (Cote): Cardinals 25, Cowboys 20

Cards in home opener on Monday stage, with Patrick Peterson erasing Dez Bryant and Dallas secondary injuries making Carson Palmer feel young again.

CBS (Prisco): Cardinals 27, Cowboys 23

The Cowboys are playing consecutive road games, while the Cardinals are playing their home opener. That's a tough combination. The book on slowing Dallas is out: Load up and dare Dak Prescott to beat them. This will be another game like that. Cards take it.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Dulac): Cardinals 30 - Cowboys 28

Several of the Cowboys, including Ezekiel Elliott, were accused of quitting against the Broncos, which is never a good sign. The Cardinals are back home after back-to-back games on the road, and maybe that will help an offense that hasn’t looked very sharp. Jason Garrett has never beaten the Cardinals (0-3).

87% of the experts and algorithms tallied by favor the Cowboys over the Cardinals. What do you think it will take for the Cowboys to win?

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