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Around the NFL: Vicious hit by Bears LB Danny Trevathan subject to suspension

Here’s a bit of what’s happening around the National Football League.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

NFL should use its new rule to suspend Bears' Danny Trevathan for hit - NFL Nation- ESPN
During the offseason, the NFL moved to try to eliminate hits deemed "catastrophic." How else would you describe Danny Trevathan's hit Thursday night?

Kevin Seifert pulls no punches about the hit administered to Packers’ wide receiver Davante Adams by Bears linebacker Danny Travathan.

The Bears had swarmed Adams, wrapping him up, his head was the only visible part of his body not in the tackle. Travathan lowered his helmet and delivered a knockout blow that sent Adams to the hospital. Adams is fine and was released today but that hit was absolutely preventable. Travathan should expect a fine and quite possibly a suspension for that one.

Speaking of the Bears, there are more than unnecessary roughness calls. The next call may come at the quarterback position. Are we close to getting to see Mitchell Trubisky?

If you remember, the Bears pried Mike Glennon out of backup quarterback duties in Tampa Bay with a three-year, $45 million deal:

Per Rapoport, the deal includes a guaranteed $18.5 million over three years, with Schefter adding the total deal will be worth $45 million. On Friday morning, Albert Breer of reported that "Glennon's three-year, $45 million deal is basically a one-year, $16 million with team options for 2018 and '19."

That last part is important because the Bears traded up one spot by flipping first-rounders and sweetening the deal with two third-round picks plus a fourth-rounder. Well, there seems to be a little impatience brewing and we may see a change sooner rather than later:

“At least Cutler was a gunslinger. Glennon is a game manager. What's Glennon's excuse?

The Bears (1-3) have to write off the $16 million Glennon mistake and move on. The only thing the 27-year-old really accomplished was moving the ball in the hurry-up/two-minute offense and piling up numbers in garbage time.

In stark contrast, Trubisky -- the No. 2 overall pick in this year's draft -- showed in the preseason that he’s already light years ahead of Glennon in terms of playmaking ability and mobility.”

Next week’s opponent, the historic rival Green Bay Packers, may be headed to Dallas with a few injuries plus a disgruntled defensive back?

“On Friday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network provided some more details about the situation that paint Damarious Randall in a very poor light. Rapoport relayed from a source that Randall got into an argument with a coach — presumably Whitt — and was sent to the locker room. But instead of remaining there until the game concluded, Randall apparently packed up his things and left Lambeau Field entirely.”

Look, the Cowboys had this happen too with Morris Claiborne when he left the facility after being demoted in practice. However, leaving in the middle of a game is an entirely different animal. Our friends as Acme Packing Co.:

“On another team or in a different situation, this type of outburst could end up driving a team to release the player in question. For the Packers, however, injury and depth concerns likely rule that out.”

You don’t cut a second-round pick outright for that especially considering injuries to Davon House and the porous play of Quinten Rollins. Still, down some depth, the Packers are seemingly in a similar situation as Dallas.

“This has driven the Packers to utilize their safeties more as slot defenders, a strategy which seems likely to continue moving forward. Upon House’s return, the Packers would appear to have just three corners whom the coaching staff trust at the moment.”

Green Bay is still doing just fine despite injuries to the right half of the offensive line, their best defensive lineman, running back, wide name it. Attrition is alive and well four weeks in.

Deshaun Watson is latest rookie quarterback who’s having a dazzling debut and lifting the spirits of the community in Houston.

"For what you all do for us every day and never complain, I really appreciate you all, so I wanted to give my first game check to y'all to help y'all out in some type of way," Watson told the woman in a video shared by the Texans. "Here you guys go."

He’s not only helping a struggling community get through a disaster but he’s uplifting his team too with quality performances. He hung in there with the Patriots last week and came close to getting a victory at Foxborough. He fits the dual-threat style and his own teammates are pretty excited about the future of the Texans offense:

"I saw him do it in college, but this is the NFL," said Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins of Watson, a fellow Clemson football alum. "So, of course I'm impressed. I haven't seen a quarterback do that in a long time besides Michael Vick. Of course, everybody in this locker room is impressed."

Watson is a lot better than what Houston has been rolling out there in recent memory. He gives the Texans better quarterback play and ultimately that gives the team a chance.

After getting trounced by the Washington Redskins, Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders get rewarded with a game at Mile High. The Denver Broncos have the personnel to humble high-powered offenses as we saw first-hand in week two:

“Things figure to be tougher in Denver, a place where Carr struggled in starts in 2014 and 2015. In 25 possessions in those games, the Raiders punted 19 times, produced three touchdowns, turned it over twice and missed a field goal.”

Last season, the Raiders took care of business at home beating the Broncos 30-20. In the road closer at Mile High, without Carr (broken fibula), they were no match in a 24-6 loss. Carr is looking to bounce back in a big way as the AFC West may be one of the toughest divisions in football.

“I don’t need to make every play,” Carr said. “I always put it on my shoulders. I just have to know I have to rely on my teammates. I don’t have to do it all.”

The only problem with Carr’s statement is that the Broncos are going to do everything in their power to make Carr have to beat them. It’s a must-watch game this week but the climb will be steep for the Raiders.

The New York Giants are looking for answers but more importantly they’re desperate to get their first win. After the slugfest in Philadelphia than ended with an improbable 61-yard field goal that dropped the Giants to 0-3, they need to beat the Buccaneers. The one bright spot for them was that their offense actually started producing last week in the fourth quarter:

“We certainly hope so,” offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan said today. “Anytime you can score 24 points in a quarter, if we can average that for four quarters, that’s a little different game. No doubt. That would be very good to build upon that. We just have to do a better job of finishing drives. It starts with being able to protect the football and getting into some of that rhythm and consistency, and all of the things we keep talking about.”

The Giants will travel to the 1-1 Buccaneers Sunday afternoon in a game with good defenses and struggling offenses. The Bucs are looking to keep pace with 2-1 Panthers and 3-0 Falcons. The Giants are down three losses in the NFC, two of which came to divisional opponents. It’s only week four but it’s about as close to desperation time as it gets for New York.

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