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It’s possible the Dallas Cowboys primary backup quarterback isn’t on the team right now

Backwards is forwards, up is down, and the Cowboys QB2 might not even really be on the team right now.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we sit on Monday, September 4th (congratulations by the way you made it to game week) the depth chart of the Dallas Cowboys says that Cooper Rush is the man backing up Dak Prescott.

That has the potential to change quickly, though. For almost all of the offseason Kellen Moore was slated to be QB2 on the Cowboys, but a preseason performance for the ages by Cooper Rush complicated things a bit.

Dallas was put in a position, one of universal agreement, where if they let Cooper Rush hit waivers he’d very likely be claimed by another team. Kellen Moore hasn’t been particularly spectacular at any point, so theoretically his perceived value his lower than Rush’s.

Ultimately, it’s doubtful that any of these variables will influence Kellen Moore’s inevitable spot on the Cowboys 53-man roster. If you’re still wondering whether Kellen Moore will make it or not, the mothership’s Bryan Broaddus thinks he will and that’s about the end of that discussion.

So let’s re-establish quarterback-related the facts at this point (assuming Kellen Moore does wind up on the 53-man roster and subsequently the team’s primary backup quarterback):

  • Dallas kept Cooper Rush on their roster because they believed if they let him go, someone would claim him.
  • Dallas did not keep Kellen Moore on their roster because they felt it likely he wouldn’t sign elsewhere (he was not subject to waivers).
  • It’s possible that the plan is for the latter to be ahead of the former on the depth chart when it’s all said and done.

Assuming this has been the plan all along, the Cowboys are really intent on using a quarterback who they felt safe releasing, opening the door to him winding up elsewhere, to be their backup over one who would absolutely be claimed by another team. Think about that.

Now perhaps the Cowboys simply want Kellen Moore on their roster to be behind Cooper Rush on the depth chart. While it can be argued that it’s irresponsible to keep Kellen on your roster due to how valuable those spots are, this would at least satisfy what many have believed for some time, that Rush is the better quarterback.

This would be easier to understand in the world of logic, of course. Imagine telling someone who knew nothing about the game of football or roster construction that there is a player you released that’s more important to and better for the overall success of your team than someone you were afraid to let go.

Maybe that’s the case. Maybe the Cowboys really have some level of grand mastery over the rest of the NFL in terms of this whole situation. We know how much Kellen Moore is valued by the team, and perhaps they feel that value unique to their circumstances is what is so important.

And perhaps they understand the system enough that they manipulated it to the point that they ended up with both Kellen Moore and Cooper Rush on the roster, on the depth chart in that order, which may have been the objective all along.

It just sounds really weird.

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