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Cowboys News: Battle for starting left guard spot still undecided

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cooper, Green still competing for left guard job; a look at the three veterans Dallas just brought in; more

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Cooper, Green Still Competing For Left Guard Job Heading Into Season Opener - Dave Helman,

They have been battling it out for the starting left guard slot throughout the summer, and with the rapid approach of fall there has yet to emerge a clear winner between Chaz Green and Jonathan Cooper.

“It's still a work in progress,” said team executive vice president Stephen Jones. “As you know, Chaz has battled some injuries and I know Cooper is doing a good job out there as well. So, we'll just kind of see how that works out there this week."

Regardless of which man wins out, he will have to remember that the job can be even harder to keep than it is to win.

Cowboys targeting Chaz Green to start at left guard against the Giants - Clarence E. Hill,Jr., Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Either the battle is up in the air or it isn’t. Helman says it is, Hill says it is long as Green can practice this week.

Garrett said Green is expected to practice this week.

If he does, he’s the guy they are targeting to start as Cooper has not seized the position despite being healthy all camp and the preseason.

Of course, health issues are the reason Green hasn’t already locked the job done. He missed time early in camp with a shoulder injury. And then came back to play in one preseason game before suffering the sprained ankle.

Ezekiel Elliott will practice, remain with Cowboys as team awaits appeal - Todd Archer, ESPN

Elliott with be with his teammates on the practice field on Tuesday when a federal judge will rule on his request for a temporary restraining order to block his pending suspension.

Elliott will be doing what he does best while his legal team will focus on their job.

"I think Zeke has done an excellent job focusing on what he needs to do to get himself ready to play," Garrett said. "I think our team has done that and just a normal day. We came in and we had meeting and walk-through on Saturday and he was part of it, our whole team was a part of it, and again, our preparation for the Giants is begun."

Another opening for Elliott? Doctor refutes NFL metadata, photo evidence - Clarence E. Hill, Jr., Ft Worth Star-Telegram

While we are on the subject, here is another tidbit from Hill that casts doubt on the information that Roger Goodell based his decision on.

Per transcripts from the appeals hearing, Dr. Michael Graham, who was introduced by Elliott’s defense team, was asked:

“Do you believe within a reasonable degree of medical certainty that it is reliable to age bruising based on photographs that were provided to you in this case?”

Graham responded: “No.”

Asked: “There’s no way that you or any other qualified expert can look at these photographs and age these bruises with any reasonable degree of medical certainty as to, A, when they occurred, whether it was weeks or days or an hour, and if they even occurred on the same time, things of that nature; would that be a fair statement?”

Graham responded: “Yes.”

Interestingly enough, one of the ‘experts’ the commissioner listened to stated that she had no reason to disagree with Dr. Graham.

Can the faceless Dallas Cowboys defense get it done? - Drew Davison, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Year after year we talk about how the Cowboys defense is the weak link on the club.

Somehow Rod Marinelli makes it work and that is what he will be doing once again in 2017.

“People always say, ‘We don’t have the best talent. No Pro Bowlers. Whatever,’ ” Crawford said. “But when they watch the tape, they can’t deny the fact that we’re getting off the ball. We’re running fast. We’re hitting. Guys around the league that I’ve talked to on offense say it feels like y’all got 12, 13 guys on the field.

“That’s a compliment to us and the way we play our defense.”

How a missed tackle showed Sean Lee's high standard - Todd Archer, ESPN

Sean Lee is the exception to the “no big name’ moniker hung on the Dallas defense, and with good reason. Talent has a lot to do with Lee’s success, but so does something else.

“Working on my game, constantly working on my game,” Lee said. “All the fundamentals, you think you have them and you don’t always. So you’ve got to constantly work on them to have them. You can’t expect that they’re there. They have to be ingrained in your subconscious so you’ve got to work on them nonstop to get there.”

What was Lee’s motivation for going back to the basics during his down time?

A missed tackle in limited snaps in the Raiders game.

Also, the Cowboys picked up three veteran players through trades and a waiver claim. Former NFL scout Bryan Broaddus took a look at all three and put up these reports.

Scouting Report: New CB Has Limited Speed, But Good Size & Instincts - Bryan Broaddus, Dallas Cowboys
The acquisition of Bene Benwirkere was primarily a hedge against the many hamstring injuries suffered by the rookie defensive backs.

Bottom line: this is a veteran zone corner that doesn't wow you with his speed. He is not going to make many mental or physical mistakes. Bridge player to get the young guys ready.

Scouting Report: New LB Elliott Will Contribute To Pass Rush & Special Teams - Bryan Broaddus, Dallas Cowboys
Linebacker Jayrone Elliott is projected mostly as a special teams contributor and spot pass rusher.

A big part of the reason Elliott is here is that he plays special teams. He lines up at L3 on the kickoff. He is a blocker on the punt return team. He’s also on punt team as the right guard and field goal rush.

Size and length helps him in all phases. Did a nice job of holding up his man on the punt returner.

I think he will be used as an outside linebacker for the Cowboys with the idea of using him as an occasional rusher. Doesn’t have the quickness of Kyle Wilber but more power. Both have the ability to finish.

Scouting Report: New DT Price Brings Power, Surprisingly Good Agility - Bryan Broaddus, Dallas Cowboys
The previous two new players were more about depth and covering for injuries, but Broaddus sees a lot more potential in Brian Price. He made Cedric Thornton expendable and will likely see a lot of work in the first game against the New York Giants. His main value seems to be in run defense, but he may add something to the pass rush as well.

His pass rush is mainly through power -- not many moves, if any at all. He will walk his man back in the pocket or snatch him out of his stance. Really strong hands.

Does a nice job of finding the ball. Wasn’t out of position on plays. Not fooled.

Will play as a nose tackle or one-technique in the Cowboys’ scheme. His power and initial quickness to attack one gap give him a chance to be really good. It’s impressive how active he is for his size.

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