BtB 2017 Pick 'Em: Week 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Annual Blogging the Boys Pick 'Em Contest! This year, I will be continuing a tradition started by the venerable One.Cool.Customer, and graciously continued in past years by Hookerhome and Revellyre. While I'm not sure I will be creative enough to continue to excellent commentary we've enjoyed in years past, I hope to maintain a fun, drama-free experience for the BtB community!


EDIT: Due to excellent turnout, we have reach a previously unknown group limit of 100 members. To CIRCUMVENT this arbitrary and unnecessary restriction, I have created a SECOND group with the following information:

Group ID#: 46134

Password: BTBPredict2

There is plenty of room for anyone who wants to play! I will compile the results in Excel each week before posting. If we encounter this problem again, I will simply create a third group. Happy Picking!



This year, I will utilize tools made available by on the internet to organize and maintain the contest. Yahoo!, in particular, has created an excellent Pick 'Em tool that we can use to streamline the process. I created a private group in order to make this contest specifically for Blogging the Boys readers, although anyone who reads this Fanpost is free to join, even Eagles fans. We're inclusive like that. I will ask that everyone follow the BtB community guidelines, even when on the contest page.

We will be using Yahoo's tie-breaking system, so when you make your picks, you will be asked to make a few specific predictions on the week. For instance, this week, you will be asked to predict the scores for the Chargers/Broncos and Saints/Vikings games. In addition, you'll be asked to predict the highest-scoring and lowest-scoring teams of the week. For your convenience, everyone will be allowed to pick each game up to five (5) minutes before that game's start time. Additionally, because we are starting this relatively late, each contestant's two (2) lowest-scoring weeks will be dropped. If you miss this post, no worries! If you can't predict a particular week, no worries! We've got you covered! We will also continue this contest through the playoffs. What fun! Each week, I will post the results of the previous week, as well as the slate of games for the upcoming week, including tie-breaker questions.


The first step will be to join the group. Go to, which will take you to search page. Under "Join Private Group" will be fields for Group ID# and Password. Enter the following into each field:

Group ID#: 20696

Password: BTBPredict

Once you join the group, you will be encouraged to create a pick set name. If you would like to be recognized for your Pick 'Em prowess, please use your SBNation screen name. For example, I named my pick set simply "upfrunt". You will be asked a few other questions, to answer as you see fit. After completing this section, click on your pick set name to pick the winners for Week 1. Complete all fields, and you are officially entered into the contest!

When you create your pick set, you will be allowed to choose whether the commissioner (myself) will be allowed to edit your picks. If you want an extra layer of protection, you can allow me to edit your picks. That way, if you can't make it over to the contest page in a certain week, make your picks in the comment section on my weekly BtB contest fanpost, and I will do my best to enter those before the games start. I cannot make any guarantees that I will be able to make your picks in time, especially if you pick at the last minute, so I would encourage you to not rely on this option unless absolutely necessary.



Here is the slate for week 1:

Matchup Favorite Spread
KC @ NE NE 8.5
NYJ @ Buf Buf 9.5
Atl @ Chi Atl 7
Bal @ Cin Cin 3
Pit @ Cle Pit 10
Ari @ Det Det 0
Oak @ Ten Ten 1
TB @ Mia TB 2.5
Phi @ Was Was 0
Jax @ Hou Hou 5.5
Ind @ LAR LAR 3
Sea @ GB GB 3
Car @ SF Car 5.5
NYG @ DAl Dal 3
NO @ Min Min 3
LAC @ Den Den 3

And here are the tie-breaker questions for this week:

Tiebreaker 1:

Predict the scores for the following games:

Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver Broncos

New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings

Tiebreaker 2:

Who will score the MOST points this week?

Who will score the FEWEST points this week?

Good Luck!

...and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.