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Jason Witten will likely become the Cowboys all-time receiving leader on Sunday against the Giants

Gold Jacket Witt will likely surpass Michael Irvin for most receiving yards in franchise history on Sunday.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Future generations will rely on us to tell the tale of Jason Witten and what he did for the Dallas Cowboys (unless you future-gen kids are reading this right now through some sort of archives machine in which case - what’s up - travel back in time and let us know how this season went).

We’ll talk about his grit, his toughness, his inability to age, and among many other things his countless accolades... which as of this Sunday night will likely include “Dallas Cowboys All-Time Receiving Leader.

Witten currently sits at second place in the Dallas Cowboys record books with 11,888 career receiving yards. He trails only Michael Irvin (11,904) and will surpass him with just 17 yards. Remember that Jason Witten is a tight end now and be amazed all over again.

17 yards. 51 feet. That’s all it takes for Witten this Sunday (and all future playing time in general) to top The Playmaker. If you’re a pessimist, don’t worry this is extremely likely. Witten hasn’t had less than 17 yards against the Giants since the 2012 season-opener in New York. He very well could get it all in one reception.

If Witten does indeed surpass Irvin on Sunday, it won’t be the only coveted list in terms Dallas Cowboys history that his name sits atop of.

Jason Witten has currently played in 223 games for the Cowboys, good for second place in franchise history. Ed “Too Tall” Jones played in 224 games, so simply by setting foot on the field inside AT&T Stadium on Sunday, Jason Witten will share the title of most games ever played by a Dallas Cowboy.

Sunday could be a doubly historic night for Jason Witten with the Dallas Cowboys. If anyone has earned it, it is undoubtedly him.

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