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Josh Norman is completely obsessed with Dez Bryant in his new commercial

Imagine doing a commercial where your whole purpose is to talk about your rival. If this is you, you’re Josh Norman.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2017 NFL season officially getting underway Thursday night, a whole new batch of commercials that will play all season were dropped into our lives.

Samsung is in on the action this season, and they went after a big-name star in Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman. You’d think that if Norman were in a commercial he’d likely be the star of it, but he’s not a Dallas Cowboy. In his new commercial, Josh Norman is literally obsessed with Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.

In the commercial Norman is doing some sort of press conference and is being asked questions that are all about Dez. It’s inferred that Norman tweeted a photo mocking Dez, tweeted from his Samsung phone of course, and Norman plays it all off in a funny manner.

If you’re rushing to judgment before seeing the commercial, pump the brakes a bit. It’s all in good fun, and Josh Norman might have anticipated you being upset. He hedged this all a bit with a precautionary tweet, noting it was all in jest.

All in all the commercial is cute at best. If you’re still miffed though, consider that the only reason Josh Norman has a commercial at all is because he’s literally only talking about Dez Bryant. That’s the life of the Washington Redskins, always the baby brother.

And don’t worry, Dez will get a chance at revenge! He let it be known that he was aware of the commercial and that he’s got one of his own in the works.

Rivalries are fun.

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