What Jerry should do

Jerry Jones loves long shots. He always talks about going all in, when losing would have meant ruination. Well, let’s really shoot for the moon. It is Not Abou Dak, Dez, Zeke, Sean, or Demarcus. It is not about anything. It is about what Jerry Jones loves: a moonshot.

1. Spend max dollars putting the best GM in place and telling him he has Carte Blanche to hire coaches, scouts, etc. Absolutely no expense spared. Tell him he has three years to get a super bowl.

2. Take a step back from football decisions.

3. Enjoy the thrill of being in the playoffs every year and the praise from Media, fans and players as the best owner in the NFL.

4. Laugh at Jimmy Johnson’s critique from all those years ago and admit your egos got the best of both of you and it probably cost you both two or three more Super Bowls.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.