The Dak Discussion: What Everyone is Missing

Is Dak Prescott the guy so many of us fell in love with in 2016, when he was breaking all-time rookie QB records?

Or is he the guy we repeatedly witnessed overthrowing receivers throughout 2017?

Are his mechanics fixable? Will he improve his ability to read defenses pre and post snap?

How do we evaluate this player, given these two wildly different looking seasons?

Here is what I see missing from the discussion:

You can not evaluate a QB properly if he doesn't have quality receivers to throw to, in the context of an innovative scheme with a OC that makes solid game-day adjustments and play-calls.
It's impossible. It simply can not be done. Repeat that as many times as you need to.

Dez Bryant is a mess. Defenses knew the biggest threat was Cole Beasley and they took him away. Often times leaving Dez in single coverage in order to do so. They didn't worry about Dez, they worried about Beasley, because Beasley was the one who gashed defenses and extended drives time and again in 2016.

Meanwhile, Witten declined another notch and no other TE was given a chance to consistently help out in the pass game. T-Will and Brice Butler continued their "now-you-see-me, now-you-don't" acts, so neither of them could be relied upon consistently.

Dak simply did not have a reliable, professional receiving corps to help him in 2017 and he didn't have an OC with the level of genius that would have been required to scheme the available receivers open this year.

Until we see Dak with a receiving corps that is full of guys who run reliable routes resulting in separation, we won't know what his ceiling really is as an NFL passer.

Dak will never be Tom Brady. He must have players and a scheme that makes it obvious where the ball should go. Most teams run rub-routes, but Dallas almost never does. Most teams with a RB that is an elite receiver, Leveon Bell or Marshal Faulk, for example, will throw him the ball four or five times a game. Not Dallas. Most teams with an aging starting TE, will begin directing more targets toward their younger TEs to get them ready to assume a larger role. Not Dallas. Most teams don't tolerate a "tease player" like Brice Butler, who is full of unrealized potential, year after year. Instead, they develop the talent they draft, giving them targets even in their rookie year. Not Dallas. In the first 15 games, Ryan Switzer had two targets. Two. He caught both passes. In the final game, he had five targets because Beasley was out. He caught four out of five. Do you honestly think he couldn't have helped out earlier in the season if your OC and HC had been willing to seek the answers staring them in the face?

Dak needs an OC who will put Switzer and Beasley on the field together and make them both true, viable weapons.Both can get separation, both can run reliable routes. He needs an OC who will allow Noah Brown to do more than just block. He needs an OC who will pound the table for a NEW NUMBER ONE RECEIVER this offseason. Either through free agency or the draft.

Only then, will we know Dak's ceiling in this league.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.