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What does the purge of Cowboys offensive coaches say about the state of the franchise?

Is this a case of everybody not being good enough or just one person?

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There’s a tweet that I keep seeing these days when I close my eyes. It’s a good one, of course, because it comes from our very own OCC.

There is a purge happening in terms of the Cowboys offensive staff, and the only man marked safe is coordinator Scott Linehan. Keep in mind that OCC’s original tweet may not be accurate anymore considering a report that Frank Pollack is out as well.

We’ve discussed Scott Linehan and how the success of the 2018 Cowboys is going to revolve around him entirely. This is quite evident given that he is, for all intents and purposes, the person who the offense is being built around specifically, despite the offense hitting record lows under his watch in 2017.

What we haven’t really discussed here is what all of this says about Linehan, Jason Garrett, and the Cowboys in general. It boils down to one of two possible things.

Maybe this is all just a coincidence

The aforementioned purges aren’t the only ones happening within the Cowboys staff. Special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia was officially announced as heading to Oakland with Jon Gruden in Chucky’s introductory press conference on Tuesday, and Gary Brown seems to be not far behind.

We’re still awaiting word on what will happen with Rod Marinelli who is reportedly mulling over retirement, what will happen with Matt Eberflus, and whether or not Kellen Moore will have a spot on this coaching staff. At least we know Will McClay is staying.

Perhaps this is just a wild string of stars aligning for various people. Maybe Rich and Gary really just happen to prefer Oakland over Dallas, an opportunity Flus won’t be able to turn down will result, and all of the coaches let go just simply weren’t good enough.

This is, at the very least, a possibility.

What if everybody is jumping ship, though?

The only other possibility to explain such a massive turnover with the head honchos (Garrett, Linehan, and maybe Marinelli), staying in place is that the people involved are wanting to get out before they get got.

Imagine you were on the Cowboys coaching staff, and imagine you were offered a job elsewhere. Get even more hypothetical and imagine that this imaginary job was with the Raiders, Bears, Patriots, or Packers.

The former two have entirely new staffs, including new head coaches. In terms of job security, you’re afforded at least two to three seasons while new ideas and schemes get implemented. If you’re considering the latter two, they’re two of the most well-run franchises in the NFL. You know that you’re safe there for the foreseeable future as well.

It’s not hard to see that the Cowboys need to do something special in 2018 for Jason Garrett and his staff to keep their jobs beyond this season. Why would you tie yourself to a potentially sinking ship when there are other opportunities with a higher level of buoyancy?

Gary Brown and Rich Bisaccia are two of the better examples to this point. They willingly (Brown is TBD) are leaving the Cowboys for Oakland, where they’ll have to uproot their families soon again to move to Las Vegas. Why go through all that if Dallas was the safer option?

Which do you think is the case here? Is this a matter where Garrett, Linehan, and Co. are correct and the Cowboys can afford to move on and be more successful without all these coaches, or is everybody else smelling the fire and bailing while they still can?


What explains the hoard of coaches leaving?

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    They know what’s up, they’re heading for greener pastures
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