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Thanks to my friend and colleague, OCC

Thanks for everything!

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants David Kent/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS via Getty Images

Many of you have read the sad news that the great OCC is giving up his writing gig here at BTB. We are losing a legend. When I started this blog back in 2005, I had no idea what I was doing or where it was going. I really thought that I’d do it for a few months and when nobody actually read it, I would stop. Somehow, people started to read it. Then SB Nation came calling and I decided to stick with it for a while. Soon, it became obvious that to do it well, I would need help. That started a great tradition of front page writers here at BTB.

Over time, as OCC mentioned in his post, we’ve had a large number of people come and go, but some stay for a while, and some are so talented and insightful, we can’t forget them. At one point, OCC, Tom Ryle, KD Drummond and rabblerousr were all penning articles at BTB. I felt like I had lucked into the equivalent of the 90s Cowboys dynasty. All things must change, though.

Let me take a moment to give thanks to all the people who have contributed to the success of BTB over the years, I can’t thank them enough for building this wonderful community.

Before this post sounds too much like funeral, let me also give a shoutout to the current writers, moderators, and others who help ensure BTB remains the place to be to talk Cowboys. We’ve got plans for the future, and we’ll be, once again, adding talent to the front page. I’ll post more on that in the next few days, so if you are interested, be on the look out for that information.

Let me get back to the reason for this post, saying farewell to OCC. There are a group of people that put in a lot of time behind the scenes to bring BTB to you, and no one has put in more time and effort than OCC. You guys have all read the unbelievably well-crafted articles he has written over the years. He is one of the best Cowboys writers I have ever read. I just believe that to be a fact. But behind the scenes, he’s does it all, too. He helps the other writers with content, or technical matters to make a post look better with tables or such, and he has helped me out in innumerable ways. We both have an affinity for 80s music, and we share a lot of the same humor and perspectives. Over time, he just became a regular part of my life. A friend and colleague, indeed.

Whenever someone needed something at BTB, OCC was there. Without fail. Danke.

The dude is awesome. A sure-fire, first-ballot, Hall of Famer. Thanks for everything, and feel free to un-retire at any time!

P.S. - Lucky for us, OCC will be hanging around behind the scenes, occasionally writing something, or interacting with the blog in different ways. So at least we get that.

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