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Cowboys News: We bid farewell to one of our best

We’ll get to the other headlines, but first, let’s pay tribute to One Cool Customer.

OCC leaves the blog in style.
Photo by Dodge/MCT/MCT via Getty Images

This daily collections of Dallas Cowboys news is usually all about the team. But hopefully you’ll forgive us (well, me) for starting things off to pay further tribute to a friend and mentor who also just happens to be one of the best writers anywhere about all things Cowboys.

Our own One Cool Customer has decided to depart the front page here. And as much as I wish him all the best, and fully understand his decision, this one truly hurts.

After eight seasons of awesome, it’s time to say goodbye - One Cool Customer, Blogging The Boys
It would be impossible to even make a tiny scratch in the surface of what OCC has done writing for the blog, not to mention his frequently brilliant tweets. But at least, he is going in style. (By the way, that car at the top of this article is the model he bashes around the autobahn in, although I believe his is black.)

Back at home, my French colleagues have started calling me the “American German”; my son has taken up playing gridiron football, and I'm driving around in an outrageously overpowered American muscle car, which I'm just about to start tuning for even more performance.

That's quite a lot for a simple writing gig.

Thanks to my friend and colleague, OCC - Dave Halprin, Blogging The Boys
No one is going to miss OCC's regular presence more than the man who created and still wrangles this blog, Dave Halprin. He put together a really nice tribute to his friend, including this.

There are a group of people that put in a lot of time behind the scenes to bring BTB to you, and no one has put in more time and effort than OCC. You guys have all read the unbelievably well-crafted articles he has written over the years. He is one of the best Cowboys writers I have ever read. I just believe that to be a fact. But behind the scenes, he’s does it all, too. He helps the other writers with content, or technical matters to make a post look better with tables or such, and he has helped me out in innumerable ways. We both have an affinity for 80s music, and we share a lot of the same humor and perspectives. Over time, he just became a regular part of my life. A friend and colleague, indeed.

Whenever someone needed something at BTB, OCC was there. Without fail. Danke.

I could probably do 5,000 words myself on the Cool One. To some of us on the staff, he is the Goog, the man who is one of the most efficient search engines around, but he was hardly mechanical or impersonal.

He was exactly what I wish I could be when I grow up.

Now on with our regularly scheduled news links.

Report: Cowboys new wide receivers coach is Sanjay Lal - R.J. Ochoa, Blogging The Boys
Following the hire of offensive line coach Paul Anderson earlier this week, the Cowboys have filled another hole on the coaching staff.

Sanjay Lal is the new Cowboys wide receivers coach (awaits for crowd applause).

Lal comes to the Cowboys by way of the Indianapolis Colts. He’s been the wide receivers coach for the Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Indy.

It’s interesting looking at the drafts Lal’s teams have had during his first seasons with each team. In each of his first two stops (Oakland and New York) the team took a receiver high in the draft (Darrius Heyward-Bey and Stephen Hill).

X-Ray Vision: Cowboys look into former safety Horton for coaching job | K.D Drummond, Cowboys Wire
Dallas has already hired Paul Alexander as OL coach and Sanjay Lal for the WRs. Now they are eyeing some defensive coaches, including one who wore the Star back in the day.

The latest is former Cowboys’ safety Ray Horton, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer.

Horton spent 10 years in the league as a defensive back, including the final four with the Cowboys as a safety. He was originally drafted as a cornerback by the Cincinnati Bengals. Since his retirement he spent 23 years coaching various parts of the defense, including six as a defensive coordinator from 2011 through 2016.

Horton sat out the 2017 season.

There's no doubt who Cowboys want to see win Sunday: Mike Zimmer - Todd Archer, Dallas Cowboys Blog- ESPN
With the Cowboys out of the playoffs, you probably are already rooting for the Minnesota Vikings to beat the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday because, the Eagles. But former Cowboys Greg Ellis and Darren Woodson have another reason to pull for the Vikes: their head coach, Mike Zimmer.

From 1994 to 2006, Zimmer was a Cowboys assistant coach. In 2004, he was a defensive assistant. From 1995 to 1999, he was the defensive backs coach. From 2000 to 2006, he was their defensive coordinator.

“All of the guys, all the players that played for Zim, not the guys with short careers here for a year or two, but guys like myself, Dexter Coakley, Darren, those kinds of guys, Deion [Sanders], too, have a tremendous amount of respect for Zim," Woodson said. "Here’s the reason why, in my opinion: because game recognizes game. NFL players, especially the ones that have long, successful careers, we recognize and have respect for coaches that have that understanding of the game.

Tyrone Crawford teams with charity, donates $10K to kids in need - Patrik Walker, 247 Sports
There seems to be a lot of negativity about the Cowboys right now, so here's a purely positive story.

Believe it or don't but there's a lot of great news that also comes out of the Dallas Cowboys' organization.

It's a team with leaders who step up both on and off-the-field, routinely leveling up their philanthropism as they work to make the Metroplex a better place. The latest nod goes to veteran defensive end Tyrone Crawford, who recently teamed up with UnitedHealthcare and Dreambuilders Foundation to do something spectacular for those in need. He presented Voice of Hope Ministries with over $10,000 in new gym equipment to make sure the youth of today continue living active and healthy lifestyles.

Dallas Cowboys: 'How 'bout them Cowboys!': 25 years later, a look at Dallas' win over 49ers, and the iconic phrase it sparked | Kristi Scales, SportsDay
A great story - if you don’t dwell on how long it has been since those glory days.

Twenty five year ago, on Jan. 17, 1993, a euphoric Jimmy Johnson rhetorically exclaimed "How 'Bout Them Cowboys!?" in a jubilant postgame locker room following his team's 30-20 win over the 49ers at Candlestick Park.

That's right. Today is the 25th anniversary of the 1992 NFC championship game, one of the greatest victories in Cowboys postseason history.

The victory propelled the Cowboys to Super Bowl XXVII where Dallas would win the first of three Super Bowl championships in four seasons and cement themselves as the NFL's Team of the 90s.

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