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What was your favorite moment this season from Tony Romo the broadcaster?

It’s been so great having Tony stay in our football lives.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday two teams will punch their tickets to football’s ultimate prize, the Super Bowl.

In layman’s terms, that means this Sunday is Conference Championship Sunday. New England will battle Jacksonville first and Philadelphia will host Minnesota to wrap up our day on the couch.

These will be the last game of the season for the two losers, but it’ll also be the last game for a certain winner. The AFC Championship Game will be the last time Tony Romo calls an NFL contest until the 2018 season, seven or so months from now.

Romo has, quite frankly, been a godsend to the NFL this season. During a year that’s seen many stars go down to injury, ugly battles between various levels of the league, and a ratings decline (everything is still fine)... Tony Romo has been marvelous.

Fans gravitated to his ability to predict plays early on, but Romo quickly became more than a trick. What people love about watching games he and Jim Nantz call on CBS is that they learn something. They feel like they’re watching with their friend. It’s an element that has been sorely lacking on that side of the NFL’s production.

As we do in fact near the end of Romo’s season (next year his last game will be Super Bowl LIII, for what it’s worth), it’s certainly well-worth looking back at what his best moments were.

A few notable ones:

Romo predicts the future.

Romo predicts the future... again.

His warm-up routine in Tampa Bay.

CBS animating Tony Romo in the image of him originally announcing his new job.

Romo described a cat running on the field. Seriously.

Tony Romo comes home.

Romo talks a kicker missing the net.

Romo equates Bill Belichick to the Grinch.

Here’s to Tony Romo’s rookie season. It feels like 2003 again! What was your favorite moment from it, BTB?

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