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It’s going to be a long two weeks for Cowboys fans

Why did I ever put my hope in the hands of the Minnesota Vikings?!

NFL: NFC Championship-Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We’re all guilty, really. We were in it together.

We all woke up Sunday, put on pants (probably), and consciously made the decision to trust not only Case Keenum, but Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings.

The New England Patriots won the AFC Championship early on Sunday, putting them one win away from surpassing the Dallas Cowboys for Lombardis won (New England had zero when Dallas won their fifth, btw).

It felt like the proverbial end of the road, a Patriots over Vikings win was likely inevitable, but it manage to get so much worse when the Philadelphia Eagles thrashed the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.

We really have to go two whole weeks hearing all about the Patriots and Eagles.

We were just here one week ago. We literally just talked about the long week ahead and, somehow, our punishment has been doubled. The impact hurts from every direction as some type of history is going to be made that saddens Cowboys fans.

The Pats own the Cowboys but at least they own everyone else

New England became the first franchise in NFL History to reach double-digit Super Bowl appearances on Sunday with their 10th overall. Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Denver all must trail the lead dog with eight each.

This is elite company to be in, sure, but it’s pretty depressing when you realize the lead the Cowboys had and subsequently squandered.

Tom Brady was a freshman at Michigan the last time the Cowboys won or appeared in a Super Bowl. He could barely buy a lottery ticket, he wasn’t the legal drinking age. He is now the most decorated quarterback to ever play the game and has single-handedly appeared in as many Super Bowls as the entire Dallas Cowboys franchise and they had an 8-0 lead!

The frustrating thing about the listed teams here and how they’ve caught Dallas is that they are all AFC teams. None of them have served as an impediment to Dallas reaching the Super Bowl, and beyond that they’ve all had to go through each other and have still managed to make multiple appearances.

Philadelphia is on top, Doug Pederson is the class of the NFC East

Remember how much fun it was when the Eagles, who had just re-signed Sam Bradford and brought in Chase Daniel, traded everything up to get Carson Wentz?

The Eagles plan worked. They executed it despite the hurdles placed before them (Jason Garrett shudders), and as a result they are deservedly in the promised land. Since the Cowboys last appeared in the Super Bowl, they’ve achieved a lot.

It is true that the Eagles have never won the Super Bowl and don’t have anything to show for this body of work, but in that stretch of time the Cowboys have even less. Since Dallas was last something special, Philadelphia has certainly been closer to it.

Doug Pederson really lost his left tackle, middle linebacker, star quarterback, tons of others, got saddled with Nick Foles, gritted his teeth, and took down the reigning conference champions and dominated the heavy-favorites en route to the Super Bowl.

Brace yourself, BTB. The Eagles have every right to squawk, and they’re going to all offseason long.

There is one bit of good news in the form of solace, I think.

Philadelphia hosted the 2017 draft and found themselves in the Super Bowl the season after.

Dallas hosts the draft this season. LET’S GET READY TO PARTY, RIGHT?

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