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Michael Irvin is rooting for the Eagles in Super Bowl LII, where do you stand?

Wait, what?!

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The 2017 NFL season started off with the Original Dallas Cowboys #88 putting the Philadelphia Eagles in their place. Shout out to the legend, Drew Pearson.

A lot has happened since Drew Pearson called out Chidobe Awuzie’s name in the City of Brotherly Love. Dallas disappointed, tons of other stuff, and oh yea, the Philadelphia Eagles are in Super Bowl LII. Lame.

The game of all games isn’t until Feb 4, but that’s not stopping the world from talking about it. Choosing who we want to win as Cowboys fans is tough cookies considering the history we’re not fond of being made either way.

Either the New England Patriots will win their sixth Lombardi Trophy, passing the Cowboys who have five, or the Philadelphia Eagles will win their first in franchise history. For what it’s worth, an Eagles win would make the NFC East the first division to be full of Super Bowl winners.

This is a debate that isn’t fun, but it is reality. A choice must be made, and the one that Dallas Cowboys legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin has made might shock literally everyone here some of you.

This... does... not... compute.

Alright full disclosure here, Irvin has a literal point, but a literal one in the sense of mathematics only. Yes, the Patriots have five Super Bowls. The Cowboys also have five. The Eagles don’t have any. It is mathematically sound to suggest what Irvin is, but is it really?

It depends who you ask, but plenty of Cowboys fans would name the Eagles as the team they despise most within the division. And even if the answer was the Giants or Redskins, the non-Philly fanbases within the division share the common denominator that we can always make fun of the Eagles for having never won it all like us.

The overall concept that directly opposes Irvin’s is one that David Helman from the mothership encapsulated with a tweet quite poetically. It’s that we’re petty, and we’re proud of it.

Speaking just for myself here, I’d rather watch the Patriots get to 500 Super Bowls than the Eagles get to a single one. 500 can still, however improbably, be caught. If Philadelphia ever won a Super Bowl that would never go away. It would exist forever.

Adding to that point, imagine if the Super Bowl that Eagles fans had to hang their hat on came because Nick Foles dethroned Tom Brady?! It’d be Eli Manning all over again, but so much worse for no reason other than that it’s Nick Foles.

Adding even more to this point, it’s not as if a sixth Super Bowl win is uncharted territory. It was certainly a bitter pill to swallow when the Pittsburgh Steelers claimed their sixth in Super Bowl XLIII, but mainly because they were the first to do so.

If there’s a planet out there looking to be conquered, I want to be the first to step on it, no doubt; however, if someone has already claimed it, so what if I don’t get there? As Ricky Bobby learned, “if you ain’t first, you’re last.” First is the only goal and that’s not what can be achieved by an Eagles victory next Sunday.

What say you, BTB? Are you Team Irvin or Team Petty?


Who do you want to see win Super Bowl LII?

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  • 45%
    New England Patriots, who cares if they have six
    (606 votes)
  • 54%
    Philadelphia Eagles, I can live with them having one
    (739 votes)
1345 votes total Vote Now

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