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Stephen Jones: Kellen Moore as QB coach is part of making Cowboys offense more Dak-friendly

The Cowboys believe that Kellen Moore can help Dak Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

As the Cowboys prepare for the 2018 season they’re looking to make some changes.

Part of the upcoming revolution will apparently include making the offense more “Dak-friendly”. For weeks now we’ve all speculated as to what this means, and now we have at least a piece of that answer.

Comparing someone to Jason Garrett, in a point of pride, isn’t exactly something that will sit well with some Cowboys fans these days, but I digress.

Moving on to matters of more importance, there is sure to be a contingent that will be skeptical of the statement made by Stephen Jones.

First things first, Kellen Moore is a bright mind. Nobody denies that, especially Dak Prescott.

As smart as Kellen Moore is or isn’t, him being the Cowboys quarterbacks coach is unlikely to make the Cowboys more Dak-friendly.

Moore has been a part of the Cowboys all of Dak’s life with them. As far as Prescott’s Cowboys career goes, Kellen Moore is one of many common denominators. People have said that Kellen was already doing many things behind the scenes that he’ll do as quarterbacks coach, so where is the more coming from?

More isn’t more if it’s just the same. One dollar still holds that same value even if you swap out the single bill for four quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, or 100 pennies.

If this move is accomplishing anything in this vein, it’s accomplishing it in the form of a pun. All this move establishes is that the Cowboys offense is Moore Dak-friendly, which is the idea.

There are many persons involved with making things “friendlier” for Dak Prescott. He has a head coach, an offensive coordinator, and a position coach among others. In the past, of course, he’s also had Kellen Moore.

Well if that crop of people included Jason Garrett, Scott Linehan, Wade Wilson, and Kellen Moore... how can the same group sans Wilson be more Dak-friendly?

Kellen Moore has the potential to be a great coach for the Dallas Cowboys and in the NFL, that matter isn’t what’s up for debate today. What doesn’t jive is for his ascension to the coaching staff to be sold as a “more” of any kind, it’s simply a Moore, as we said.

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