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Does Marc Colombo as tight ends coach make sense for the Cowboys?

At least he’s older than Jason Witten.

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Once upon a time the Dallas Cowboys offensive line featured a mammoth of a man named Marc Colombo. He also was a part of a band full of Cowboys linemen, seriously.

These days Colombo serves as an assistant coach on the Dallas Cowboys, some would prefer being a rock singer, but hey whatever. According to Albert Breer, he might be getting more responsibility in his new world.

Many people were upset about the Cowboys naming former quarterback Kellen Moore the coach of the position group he used to be a part of. However you fall in that camp, at least Moore played quarterback, so those dots can be connected.

Colombo, as mentioned, was an offensive lineman during his days as a Dallas Cowboy. He literally lined up next to Jason Witten, who he could be coaching soon. Life can be so cray sometimes.

Whether you think Colombo is qualified to be the Cowboys tight ends coach or not, one thing is crystal clear by him interviewing for the job. He is obviously valued by the team to the point that they want to begin his ascension on the staff.

Could Colombo end up a coordinator or head coach someday? Who knows. What’s apparent though by the Cowboys interviewing him for a position he doesn’t have the experience in that others do is that they want him on that level of their staff, as a position coach.

Marc Colombo has worked hard and done a lot throughout his coaching career so far. He certainly has the potential to do more, and maybe tight ends coach is the launching pad to that success. It would seem that the Cowboys agree, at least theoretically.

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