Trade Dak Prescott for #1 overall pick in 2018

I'm sorry, but I'm not one bit convinced that Dak is the answer. Yea, I should give him another chance after what he showed his rookie year, but I would counter that and say that that is the reason he has value in a trade; including the fact he still has a couple years left on his cheap rookie deal.

I always said that I felt like his rookie year was his plateau, and I felt that way right after his rookie season ended.

If I were a GM, which I'm clearly not, but if I were, I would love to trade Dak to the Browns for #1 overall pick,and then take Rosen.

I understand this may be laughed at by some, but I'm sorry: Dak is not going to be what some of you will want him to be. Just go watch the last game against the Eagles,, it was pathetic! He does not even see guys that are wide open! As soon as teams took away his short attack to Beasley, the guy was lost! He can't throw down the field, he can't see the whole field. He makes some nice plays with his feet, but he is also running around because he is missing wide open guys.

You guys can go blaming the lack of speed at WR all you want, but guys DID get open.

I realize some people may not like Rosen, but I think he could be a star in the NFL. People do not like him because he talks, but I like a guy that is not afraid of what people think.

The only other thing I have to say is... Switzer is going to be a star at slot. I would trade Beasley as well.

I would not sit on my hands like some GMs. You need to make moves. You need to move guys BEFORE they get stale.

Now, I will say that Prescott can win it all for us, but that is only if the running game is great, defense is great, special teams is great... then he can get it done. Is that going to work? probably not

Oh, I forgot to mention one of my biggest gripes with Prescott, and I cannot stand it! He cannot throw a man open. Dez is covered? Nope,, not going there! Sometimes you need to be able to throw a man open,. You need to be able to ANTICIPATE, and Dak is terrible at anticipating sun on a cloudless day! ( I just made that up, thanks! )

And people are clamoring to get rid of Linehan. Lin is really not the problem. IMO

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