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Carson Palmer’s retirement serves as another reminder that Jason Witten’s clock is ticking

Jason Witten is going to outlast us all, right?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week the Arizona Cardinals announced that their quarterback, Carson Palmer, had an announcement. Yes, they announced an announcement.

The former number one overall pick out of USC took to the streets of Twitter to let the world know that he was done playing football in the NFL, aka retiring.

Palmer had an interesting career, and my favorite anecdote from it is that at one point he literally retired because that was more preferable than playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. You can’t make up some of these things, man.

News of Carson hanging ‘em up had a few Cowboys fans roaming those Twitter streets discussing whether Palmer, who wore #9 in Cincinnati, stood against the number nine we all know so well, Tony Romo.

However you feel about the debate, whoever you think is better, it’s pretty amazing that Romo is even in the conversation to be honest. Palmer was the top pick in 2003, Tony Romo went undrafted.

Of course, the story of Romo is a well-known one. His rise to success isn’t exactly a tale you’ve never heard before. Palmer’s news sent me down a different rabbit hole of sorts, looking at Romo’s best friend, Jason Witten.

Gold Jacket Witt was the 69th overall pick in 2003, 68 picks after Carson Palmer. He’s undeniably a Hall of Famer, and he’s still playing at a fairly high level. I’m sure Palmer wishes he possessed that level of youth at such an older age.

Quick pop quiz for the class, do you know how many players are left from that 2003 draft? It’s difficult to know how long you’re going to take to think about this, I’m doing my best to stall, it would really help if you stopped reading for a second and closed your eyes.

I’ve done all that I can do, sorry my friend. There are now three active players left:

  • Terence Newman, 5th Overall
  • Terrell Suggs, 10th Overall
  • Jason Witten, 69th Overall

That’s right, the 2003ers shrunk by 25% when Carson called it this week, leaving only these three holdovers. It’s pretty impressive, says a lot about Bill Parcells really, that two of the three were originally drafted by the Cowboys (Terence Newman for those that don’t know).

As time moves on, as seasons continue to end, we grow nearer and nearer to when Jason Witten will release a statement similar to Palmer’s. 2018 will be Witten’s 16th season in the NFL, all with the Cowboys, and unlike his draftmate Terrell Suggs he doesn’t have a ring to show for his time.

There has been a lot of change with the Cowboys over the last two seasons. There’s a new quarterback, new faces of the franchise, and even a new headquarters in The Star. Jason Witten is perhaps the last remaining connection to the days of the past.

Let’s all hope that 2018 is the magical one for Witten, and that the background photo for his statement is him holding the Lombardi. He definitely deserves it.

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