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The will-he-or-won’t-he Will McClay saga may not be over for Dallas

McClay Watch continues... for now.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

His business cards may read Vice President of Player Personnel, but everybody knows that Will McClay is the “General Manager” of the Dallas Cowboys.

McClay is the man in charge when it comes to player evaluation and all things NFL Draft for the Cowboys. He’s close to two decades worth of work with the Dallas Cowboys in some sort of capacity.

Various NFL teams have shown interest in McClay before, he’s regarded as quite the talent evaluator in league circles. Friday brought forth the potential latest threat, the Houston Texans.

Whatever distress that may have caused Cowboys fans only lasted about 48 hours. Sunday morning word surfaced from Houston’s John McClain again, this time noting that McClay was staying in Dallas.

Everything was sunshine and roses until the mothership’s Bryan Broaddus, ye of vast knowledge when it comes to the NFL Draft as well, dropped this little nugget.

It was at this point that residual word began to surface that Will McClay had not exactly turned down Houston quite yet. In fact it went so far that McClay was even given permission to interview with Houston. For real.

McClay’s statement sounds like he’s taking things literally. He’s saying “well I haven’t declined anything because I haven’t spoken to anyone so how could I decline if I haven’t spoken?” which is technically true.

But if McClay has no interest in interviewing, why would it get to the point that he would be given permission? That would suggest that he has at the very least the minimum level of interest, no?

The Texans are an interesting team to consider for any General Manager prospect. They have a young and exciting franchise quarterback in Deshaun Watson, one of the best receivers in Deandre Hopkins, and the best defensive player in the game when he’s healthy in J.J. Watt.

As noted, McClay has been linked to these types of openings before. While he’s turned them down previously, who’s to say how long they’ll be there for him? It’s understandable that he would be interested to some degree.

Whether the likelihood of him leaving is large or small, it is at the very least something that is somewhat relevant for the moment. Until Will McClay doesn’t leave, the possibility exists that he could. And now so does the permission to, apparently.

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