The Far Too Early Mock

I haven't done a mock draft for a couple of years, but sitting here watching the Championship Game and thinking about the picks Dallas will have got me thinking...

So off to FanSpeak and using the SB Nation rankins, and the setting difficult (whatever that means), I tried to fashion together a draft. I'm a pretty knowledgeable football fan, both pro and college, but I won't pretend to tell you guys I know these prospects enough to have any preferences yet, no pet cats, but in looking over this I have my eye on a few. Or to know what round is a reach or not realistic for them to last. I went purely by what player gave me the most value at a position of need. And looking up the guys who intrigued me. This is probably the purest selections you'll get from me. One thing, I noticed is that these comp picks will be GOLD, either used to move up or for a player.

With that said, here it is:

1.Josh Jackson CB Iowa -- I was surprised to see him here, he looks like a legit #1 CB to me. One of those big, lanky corners that can cover man and zone and tackle. Him, Lewis, Awuzie, and Brown is a strong, young, cheap quartet.

2.Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M -- I went into this thinking that I would take a WR in the 1st. To see Kirk still there in Rd. 2, made this pick a no brainer for me. Speed to open Dez, Beas, and Gold Jacket Witt

3.Mark Andrews TE Oklahoma -- Once again, my original plan was thrown off, went into it thinking OL or DL. Andrews was Mayfield's security blanket for a Heisman year, and probably will test to move out up, but for now I take him and make him follow Witt everywhere

4.Marcus Davenport DE UTSA -- This one was planned, best DL or OL available, and this project ex WR intrigues me, so I take a flyer with my 1st of 3 4th round picks.

4.Shaun Dion Hamilton LB Alabama -- He kinda reminds me of Hitchen.I want us to resign Hitchens long term and let this guy chill for a year or 2 until Lee truly starts to breakdown.

4.Martez Carter RB Grambling -- Dallas has our Star do everything back in Zeke, a big do everything back in Smith, Carter becomes our smaller quick do everything back. He's been described as a bigger Tarik Cohen.

5.Kendrick Norton DT Miami -- I know where's the OL, but I couldn't help adding some quality depth to the DL again. He's the 1 tech we need to take up blockers and collapse the pocket.

5.Isiah Wynn OT Georgia -- He's looking like he's aquitting himself quite well tonight against Bama's vaunted DL and they say he has some nastiness and position flex

6.Trayvon Henderson S Hawaii -- Rangy, athlete coming back from injury, might bring stock up in Senior Bowl.

7. Brandon Parker OT UNC -- Never hurts to throw quantity at a spot, I wanted more quality from. But both of these tackles could end up claiming spots on the 53.

There you have it. Opinions are more than welcome.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.