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Maybe Terrance Williams being inactive against Detroit has to do with his previous foot injury

Is it possible?

Kansas City Chiefs v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Right after the Dallas Cowboys signed Allen Hurns during the offseason word surfaced that Terrance Williams was dealing with a foot injury that would cause him to miss time.

It was a long offseason for T-Will as he also dealt with an off-the-field arrest that complicated matters. There have been reports this season that he could be suspended as a result of those, but there has seemingly been no movement there. All that has happened recently was him being a healthy scratch against the Detroit Lions.

Williams was left inactive theoretically in an effort to get Brice Butler on the field for the Cowboys (who played sparingly). Jerry Jones was asked about the decision during the pre-game show on 105.3 The Fan and didn’t offer much of an explanation (he really said the part about two years with Brice, though).

We may never fully know why Terrance was a healthy scratch, but time will likely tell us more. Is this a one-time thing? Is it going to be this way moving forward? There are a lot of questions.

Speaking of telling us more, Cole Beasley had a bit to say about the matter after the game. He didn’t exactly answer any questions, but he did offer some interesting information on Terrance.

Everything’s good with him. We’re just taking a step back. You know, he had the surgery on his foot and I think they’re giving him a chance to really get that thing all the way healed. It didn’t heal up all the way. He’s okay, and he’ll be fine, but we’re just giving him a chance to be the player that we know he can be.

Listen to more sounds from the locker room in the BTB Podcast feed below.

Williams did say back in August that his foot was still “a work in progress” but we’re now in October. If it wasn’t progressing wouldn’t that have become apparent over almost two months, or did it take so long that he was able to play three games on it? Anything is possible, and maybe there was a setback of sorts, but that is interesting to hear from Beasley.

The Cowboys have seven wide receivers on their roster and are expected to get David Irving back this week. If they’re going to trim a spot on the roster it seems like that would be the place, and not that we’re suggesting it would be Williams or anything, but maybe if he’s dealing with a foot injury and is potentially facing a suspension the Cowboys could try to work something like injured reserve. Roster adjustments can be a finicky thing.

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