So Where Are the Rec'd Fanposts??? Also, Rec This One if You are in the Yahoo Contest

This is a fanpost to, first, ask where the recommended fanposts are?

Is that no longer done, or are there just no rec'd ones lately??

And also, if you are in the Yahoo Pick'Em contest, post your challenges, post about how terrible you've been, post your trash talk!

And who started the group? I think I remember but I'm not sure. Thanks for doing it! Sunday is a lot more interesting with something like this!

That's about it. I'm much busier now and can't really comment much any more. During the Spring and Summer I was recovering from back surgery and had too much time on my hands. Now real life is back in swing.

Thanks for putting up with me.........but you won't have me to kick around any more! (well, not as much)

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