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Report: David Irving dealing with child custody issues plus other family matters delaying his return

We now know a little more about why David Irving has not been at the Star recently.

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Things have been a bit mysterious surrounding David Irving since he was eligible to return to the Dallas Cowboys last week. Irving served a four-game suspension to begin the season and many people expected him to re-join the team for their Week 5 game in Houston.

Irving didn’t play against the Texans and Jason Garrett sounded a bit unsure when asked about the player’s status on Wednesday. There haven’t been a lot of details beyond that Irving is dealing with a family situation off of the field that’s prohibiting him from devoting all of his time to the Cowboys.

Late Wednesday night a report from the Dallas Morning News surfaced that contained a timeline of events detailing what Irving has been going through, a matter with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child Angela Sanchez. It hasn’t exactly been an easy road for him from the sounds of it.

According to multiple sources, Irving’s emotional week started on the evening of Monday, Oct. 1, with a knock at his door in Dallas.

A processor was there to serve Irving a temporary restraining order that was filed by Sanchez, who was waiting in her parked car with the hopes of taking back custody of their daughter.

Instead, Irving reacted angrily and aggressively toward the processor. He began to yell at her and wave the paperwork near her before ripping up the documents. Irving also allegedly made contact with the processor using the documents.

The Dallas police are now investigating the incident and will decide whether or not to charge Irving with “offensive touching” which is a Class C misdemeanor. Monday, October 1st was the first day that Irving was eligible to return to the Cowboys. That’s an awful lot of things to be happening in his life on one day, but unfortunately it didn’t end there as far as last week is concerned.

On Tuesday, Oct. 2, Irving’s landlord filed for eviction in a Collin County court. A citation for eviction was issued the following day.

Irving practiced Wednesday, Oct. 3, at The Star for the first time since last November.

On Thursday, Oct. 4, Irving didn’t return to The Star for work while trying to resolve a dispute over the ownership of a blue 2016 Dodge Charger that was purchased by Irving, according to multiple sources.

The story also says that on Friday, Oct. 5th, Irving’s daughter with Sanchez was handed over to the mother in a contentious scene at her kindergarten school after Sanchez got a temporary restraining order against Irving. There will now be a hearing to determine custody issues next Wednesday.

Irving’s past with Angela Sanchez is well-documented. There have been a lot of things he’s been in the news cycle for since the 2017 season ended, including his stance on marijuana in the NFL.

Jason Garrett noted that David Irving was not at The Star on Wednesday, saying that it was his understanding that it was the same issue that was keeping him away from the team. It’s worth repeating that Garrett also said Irving is physically ready to play, but with so much going on in his life it’s understandable why he hasn’t yet.

We’ll continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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