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Jason Garrett: David Irving expected to practice today, Dak Prescott has freedom to audible

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

As we move along towards the Cowboys game with the Jaguars, Jason Garrett speaks with the media on Thursday. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Will David Irving practice today?

Yes, he is here and we anticipate he will practice.

The Jax defense?

Really good at all three levels. They have a ton of guys on the defensive line who can play the run and rush the passer. They play a lot of nickel defense with two linebackers who are athletes and can run side-to-side, great cover guys and active safeties. The defense is not overly complicated but they play it well, a sound defense, physical, fast, they play at a high level.

Barry Church?

He was a really good player for us in different roles. He made the team as a college free agent, then played special teams, then spot play on the defense, then a starter and eventually a captain. He’s a productive player, around the ball, pokes the ball out and makes interceptions. He loved to play.

Will Tyron Smith and DeMarcus Lawrence practice today?

Yes, we expect they both will practice, Tyron’s injury happened in the game.

Jeremy Parnell?

He’s done really well, he came here as a basketball player, young and inexperienced. He got better, played a lot of football for us, he has all the physical tools and eager to learn and get better. He challenges you, he’s a big guy with long arms.

Did Tyron Smith’s ankle hinder him in space against the Texans?

At times he blocked well in Houston, there were times in space where he was not himself on runs and passes. He was late on the snap some with crowd noise, but he battled through it.

Allen Hurns spoke about the Deonte Thompson interception said it was a terrible play-call and he didn’t know if Dak had the freedom to change the play?

Dak can change the play, he’s good at the line of scrimmage, we did a lot of no huddle and he handled it. He has that freedom to do that. You always want to get out of bad plays, communications is always an issue on the road.

Should he have changed that play?

He should not have changed it, there was nothing about that to change. Certainly some plays are better, it was not ideal but we can certainly can win on that route (see here).

Was Deonte at fault for not coming back harder?

Certain plays in a game are perfect, sometimes they are dicey, sometimes you have to get out of the play. We didn’t need to get out of this one, they played two-man and we’ve completed that pass against that coverage before. Were talking about something that happens every week.

Do you have a problem with Hurns talking to us about this?

Allen comes to work and is a pro, he does everything we ask him to do.

Does Irving’s natural ability allow him to play without a lot of practice?

He’s awfully good, physically talented, he can play without a lot of work.

Beasley has expressed frustration, Hurns has expressed frustration, do you get where they are coming from?

We just got to play better on offense, we have to coach better, play better on the offensive line, better at all spots. Everyone has a piece of it, it’s not just one area.

Do you worry about a splintered locker room?

I’m not worried one bit. We have RKGs who go about it the right way. They handle themselves like pros.

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