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Jason Garrett: Sean Lee should practice in a limited way, David Irving on track

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday of game week with a big clash awaiting against the Jaguars. As such, Jason Garrett took to the mic to update us on the latest Cowboys news. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)

Did Randy Gregory hurt his knee in practice?

No, it’s just something that has been bothering him for a bit.

How did David Irving look yesterday?

Seemed fine, hopefully he’ll have another good day today. He is here today.

Who will or won’t practice today?

Joe Thomas will not practice today. Sean Lee should be limited today, hopefully D-Law and Chido will practice, probably be limited. Sean is progressing.

Is there a moment when you realized things had really changed for Jaylon Smith?

Him coming back from injury has been so impressive every minute, every day. His approach, mentality, even the first year when he was not playing, then we got the news about the nerve regenerating, then him just practicing and playing in games, it was unbelievable. A big step was taking the brace off, that freed him up. His spontaneous movement improved dramatically over the offseason. He’s a driven guy with great spirit and will, his recovery is a reflection of that. He’s become more confident, he’s been able to sustain performance at a high level without lapses. He has played well, and is a great leader.

Brice Butler?

Brice is a smart guy, no issues mentally with the playbook, we are just getting him acclimated physically, back in a routine. He is competing for a spot, a role on game day.

Is it tough to manage six receivers on game day?

You have a plan going in, just like we have eight defensive linemen. You have a plan for different personnel, groupings. With the receivers you have specific plays for specific guys, you have a plan, then you just execute the plan. You make adjustments as the game goes on.

How have the defensive tackles played, the position seems a little undermanned?

Those guys have done well. Antwaun Woods health was a health concern going into the game and he played outstanding. Crawford is playing well. Hopefully Maliek Collins can practice today and have a role in the game. They did a good job defending the run in Houston, and they affected the QB. We like them and they are competing.

Will Tony Romo be here today for a production meeting?

Yes he will be here today. It’s great having him, he did it last year, I have the utmost respect for him, the guys like seeing him, it’s fun to see him.

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