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FanPulse: Dallas Cowboys fans have almost no confidence left in the team

At 2-3, the Cowboys fan base just doesn’t believe in the team.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

All season long we’ve been tracking the confidence levels of Cowboys fans with SB Nation’s FanPulse tool. This has helped us figure out how those that root for America’s Team think and feel week to week.

The Week 3 loss rattled Cowboys fans to quite a degree, dropping them all the way to 6% confidence left in the franchise. A win against the Lions helped refill an empty tank, but we’re basically running on fumes now.

Confidence in the Cowboys has never been lower

If you thought that Cowboys fans felt low after losing to the Seahawks then you haven’t seen anything yet. In the defense of supposed confidence in the team here, we did all just watch the Cowboys lose in overtime to the Texans partly because they failed to go for it on 4th and 1 from the Houston 42-yard line.

FanPulse has taught us more than the confidence levels of fan bases throughout the season. In just over a month Cowboys fans have really soured on Dak Prescott as the team’s starting quarterback, and they blame this season’s struggles primarily on Jason Garrett.

It’s not hard to realize that the season-low confidence isn’t just because the Cowboys lost last week but more about how they lost. It’s possible to feel confidence in the state of a team even when they’re losing, but it feels like the Cowboys are finding ways to lose instead of simply being beat.

Dallas has struggled on the offensive side of the ball week in and week out this season. We know that they have abilities on defense but looking completely broken on the side of the ball that scores points would shake even the strongest of fan bases.

Confidence is down across the struggling NFC East as a whole

FanPulse results are calculated after an NFL week is completed, so this week’s were done before the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants played on Thursday Night Football. It’s not hard to figure that G-Men supporters are going to dip hard next week while Eagles truthers rise, but the point remains that the division as a whole is quite bad this season.

While the rest of the division is down nobody is as down as the Cowboys and perhaps that’s just an indication at how rabidly passionate this fanbase is.

There’s almost no room left to fall for Cowboys fans, Giants fans will learn what this is like next week, and it’s hard to imagine that things could get worse in terms of morale. The Jacksonville Jaguars are up next and we’ll see how things go.

At this point what else can go wrong?

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