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Jason Garrett: Sean Lee should practice today, will be part of a rotation when ready

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday and the Cowboys are preparing to play Washington. Before practice, Jason Garrett spoke to the media. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)

The Cowboys did some good things against Jacksonville

Jason Garrett noted that the Cowboys did a great job against Jacksonville in all phases and cashed in on drives.

Sean Lee will practice on Wednesday

We’ll see what the status is with Sean Lee going forward this Sunday, but for now we know that he’s expected to practice. Jason Garrett said he would be limited at outset, hopefully handles the work well, and gets a good practice in. That’s great news especially with the bye week looming.

Maliek Collins, Antwaun Woods, & David Irving are all anticipated to practice

He noted that they all played in the game and hopes they can practice today without much issue but will keep an eye on them.

“When Sean’s healthy and ready to go, Sean’s going to play”

Garrett noted that Lee is one of their best players and it will be a work in progress but when he is ready he will be part of a rotation with Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch.

Cole Beasley is “an exceptional athlete”

Beasley recorded 11 catches for over 100 yards in the win over the Jaguars on Sunday. The Cowboys know what a weapon he can be for them. Garrett expounded on how he has great quickness and change-of-direction, and knows how to use leverage to set up the defender in man-to-man and can find the holes in zone.

Communication on the road is key

The Cowboys haven’t won a game on the road so far this season, and Jason Garrett said that youth might be a factor in that. Ultimately he said that point would be irrelevant anyway and simply noted that the Cowboys aren’t executing on the road. They will try to address crowd noise and other issues in practice this week.

Who would have ever thought Jason Garrett’s Cowboys would be a home team?

Tavon Austin has a unique skillset and the Cowboys may try to find someone who can do something similar.

Jason Garrett was asked if Tavon Austin being out would force the Cowboys to try to find someone who can do the number of things that Austin can on a football field. He said they have some players who have similar skills to Tavon and will try to identify those. He noted that he didn’t want to get into scheme, and when asked if IR was a possibility for Tavon, Jason Garrett went to the well saying they were taking things “day by day.”

Adrian Peterson is “elite”

Dallas will take on one of the greatest running backs to ever play this Sunday in Adrian Peterson. Jason Garrett showered AD will compliment after compliment. That’s a matchup to watch.

The Cowboys know Washington has a good front seven

The Redskins have devoted a lot of draft capital to the defensive side of the ball, particularly to the defensive line. Jason Garrett acknowledged that this would be a challenge as those players on the Redskins are all healthy and playing well.

Alex Smith is different than Kirk Cousins

While the Redskins swapped quarterbacks over the offseason, Alex Smith isn’t exactly bad. The Cowboys will have their hands full and Jason Garrett is aware of that.

Teams probably think about how you win the division first

It’s often said that you have to focus on winning your division when building your football team and considering the Cowboys play in the NFC East that’s an interesting thought. Jason Garrett said he wouldn’t speak for anyone else, but he did actually say that he thought teams do “generally” consider their division when structuring rosters.

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