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Report: Cowboys not interested in trading for wide receiver help “at this time”

No news on the trade front for the Cowboys.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When word broke out that the Oakland Raiders were considering shopping wide receiver Amari Cooper, plenty of Dallas Cowboys fans had their ears perk.

Cooper is a former first-round pick that hasn’t experienced the same levels of success from last season to now that he did during his first two years in the league, but the case can be made that he could help the Cowboys. In fact, many have made it.

There are other options to help the Cowboys at wide receiver, of course. Suggestions like Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos have been lobbed out, but the thing about these wide receivers on other teams is that they are in fact on other teams.

Dallas would have to make a trade in order to acquire the services of somebody else’s player and that just isn’t what they’ve done in recent history. Many have continued to hold out hope that maybe this would be the season where they deviate, but it seems it’s time to let even those small hopes go. ESPN’s Josina Anderson has reported the Cowboys aren’t interested in trading for a receiver at the moment.

Dallas is down a bit when it comes to their wide receiver numbers. Tavon Austin isn’t expected to play in Washington and is dealing with injury, and Terrance Williams was just kicked while he was down in the form of being suspended while on injured reserve.

This leaves Cole Beasley, Michael Gallup, Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson, and Brice Butler as the options for the Cowboys at wide receiver. Is that enough? It seems they think so.

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