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Cowboys DL Antwaun Woods dropped over $2,000 for the Hot Boyz Thursday night dinner tab

Team dinners can get expensive.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Football teams are close. They’re brotherhoods, families of sorts. They do everything together which can sometimes include breaking bread like you would with your own family.

Many NFL teams sometimes have position-only meetings and/or dinners. All of the defensive backs get together, the offensive line travels in one herd, and understandably the Hot Boyz roll as one collective unit.

There’s been a bit of confusion at times as far as who exactly qualifies to be part of the Hot Boyz. About a month ago one of the leaders of the group, sack king DeMarcus Lawrence, posted a group photo to set the record straight.

Rolling with the Hot Boyz involves more than just posing for photos, though. As mentioned above a lot of groups partake in meals and other activities together, and judging by the players’ social media accounts Thursday nights have become one of the occasions in which they share meals.

Looking specifically at Antwaun Woods’ Instagram account today, the Hot Boyz went out to dinner on Thursday night and they went out in style. Antwaun was generous enough to pick up the Hot Boyz tab which is every bit as expensive as you imagined. It was over $2,000!

To be frank there isn’t a whole lot of food outlined on the bill that Antwaun shared, but he did drop a sizable tip at least. It’s also worth noting that Woods outlined the total to be $2,300 when it is actually $2,301. All that food must have made the numbers illegible. “Food” seemingly wasn’t the only thing on the menu for the Hot Boyz though, as other shares from the evening look like there was a whole lot more to the night.

Hopefully everyone involved was safe and had a good time. There’s a big game in Washington on Sunday, and the Hot Boyz are going to be necessary if the Cowboys want to win.

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