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Jason Garrett addresses how they will work injured starters back into the lineup

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jason Garrett met with the media for the final time before Dallas plays Washington on Sunday. Let’s check in on what coach had to say. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Dak spoke about the team meeting before practice to discuss the issues on the road?

There is not anything in particular to discuss, we always emphasize playing well no matter what. It doesn’t matter who, where, when you play, it goes to mental toughness. You have to go about it and be your best. We have not been good enough on the road. We practiced well this week and we need to carry that over to the field. You deal with different factors on the road, in the past we’ve turned them to our advantage.

Does Sean Lee look on track to play?

We’ll see how he does today, he’s had a couple of good days of practice.

With guys like Chido and Lee coming back, how do you keep the guys who have played well in their absence involved, not necessarily talking about an injured player doesn’t lose his job, but keeping guys involved?

We have no hard and fast rules about injured players keeping their job. The players who have gone in have played well. Jaylon and Leighton are playing more snaps, Anthony Brown played a different role last week, Jourdan Lewis also played. We want to keep them in a role. Ultimately you make a decision that is best for team. Want to keep other guys alive (in a role) if they show they can take advantage of opportunities and they have.

Travis Frederick’s value to the team as he attends all meetings and practices and is always around the team?

It’s important. He is a big part of the team, a leader, and it’s something he wants to do. Other guys maybe just focus on rehab, but in Frederick’s case he handles both. He is in meetings, walk-throughs, he communicates with Joe Looney and the offensive line coaches. He is a real asset.

With the road issues and the players meeting, do you just let players talk it out?

You try to provide direction and structure, but want them to take ownership. Hopefully when they leave meetings they are talking about, after practices they are talking about. Those guys are out on the field, they need to communicate.

Has Terrance Williams been around the team and did his suspension surprise you?

Terrance has been in and out, working with strength and conditioning coaches and the trainers, and taking care of some off the field personal stuff. His suspension didn’t surprise us, we’ll take his situation day by day.

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