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Michael Irvin said last week that Amari Cooper would make Cowboys a Super Bowl contender... now what?

What if The Playmaker is a prophet?

Oakland Raiders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Before the NFL began it’s Week 7 Thursday Night Football game (the same night the Astros were eliminated... sigh) in Arizona there was, per usual, a pregame show on NFL Network.

Former Cowboys wide receiver and Pro Football Hall of Famer is part of the NFL Network cast and was with them when they were discussing matters around the league. They did a segment discussing which trades could/should happen and to no one’s surprise Irvin talked about the Dallas Cowboys.

Irvin suggested that the Cowboys should trade for Amari Cooper and said that doing so would make them a Super Bowl contender. Seriously. Watch for yourself.

The Playmaker might believe that the Cowboys can contend for a Super Bowl now, and the Cowboys might actually believe that themselves. They wouldn’t have given up their first-round pick next year if they didn’t believe that they could do some damage in this season’s remaining nine games.

Let’s all hope that Irvin was right because if he wasn’t things are going to be very not fun for the next few months and beyond.

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