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Week 8 Power Rankings: Cowboys fall yet again, but Amari Cooper excitement is out there

The latest power rankings and the Amari Cooper effect.

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

It really is hard to believe the Dallas Cowboys are at their bye on the 2018 season, but somehow time has flown and here we are.

The Cowboys have a 3-4 record to show for the season’s first seven weeks and they also have a brand new receiver in Amari Cooper. Will he be enough to put them over the edge the rest of the season? It sure is going to be probably very stressful fun to find out.

How is the world viewing the Cowboys now that they’re below .500 again with a new wide receiver? Here’s the latest batch of power rankings.

SB Nation: 23rd, previously 21st

Dallas has been jump-roping their way through the twenties this season. Until they do something substantial nobody is going to believe in them as a legitimate force in the NFL. 18th, previously 14th

Losing on the road to the Redskins saw the Cowboys falling all over the place, but as mentioned the Amari Cooper hype is starting to set in.... sot of.

Amari Cooper trade analysis: The Cooper acquisition undoubtedly upgrades the Cowboys’ offense, but at what cost? We know they spent a first-round pick, which doesn’t quite put the deal in Roy Williams territory (Dallas also tossed in a 3 in that debacle). On the other hand, even if Cooper’s arrival pushes Jerry Jones’ team to the postseason, Dallas will lose once there. Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Cam > Dak. Their coaches are superior, as well. Cooper isn’t the missing link, unless the ‘Boys intend to draft a QB and force Prescott to compete. Win, Raiders.

ESPN: 22nd, previously 20th

The worldwide leader always adds a spin to their rankings and this week they focused on what teams need more from. Surprise, it’s Amari Cooper. Expectations are big.

Need more from: WR Amari Cooper. The newest Cowboy could be a boon to shoring up Dallas’ inconsistent passing game. According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Cowboys wide receivers have averaged just 2.2 yards of separation per target, the lowest of any team this season. -- Xie

Sports Illustrated: 20th, previously t-15th

SI had the Cowboys ranked 20th two weeks ago and then bumped them up five spots, but we are back where we started. Such is the jump-rope life.

This particular outlet also includes the highest and lowest votes that each team got. Surprisingly one person had the Cowboys ranked 14th. What a time to be alive.

USA Today: 18th, previously 19th (seriously)

The Cowboys rose in USA Today’s power rankings despite losing to the Redskins on Sunday, and perhaps the way they fought is part of that. Maybe there’s a belief here that Amari Cooper makes them that much better, but either way it’s a bit shocking.

New No. 1? Amari Cooper has averaged 46.7 receiving yards per game this season. Dallas’ Cole Beasley is averaging 3.3 yards more.

Bleacher Report: 21st, previously 16th

Dallas is generally regarded as a slightly below average team by most outlets, and BR is no different. They also touched on what feels like the primary reason the Cowboys have struggled this season, the spot which we all hope Amari Cooper can help rectify.

In more games than not, as goes tailback Ezekiel Elliott, so goes the Dallas Cowboys. If Zeke has a big game, the Cowboys win. If he’s held in check, the Dallas offense tends to struggle.

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