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Jason Garrett press conference: Amari Cooper is “like a draft pick”

The head coach spoke on Tuesday.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s Tuesday but the Cowboys are on a bye this week which means they don’t have a game. They do have a new wide receiver in Amari Cooper and Jason Garrett took to the podium to discuss that and the Washington loss. (All Garrett answers are paraphrases of what he said and not direct quotes).

The Cowboys really like what Amari Cooper can be

The Cowboys obviously feel like Amari Cooper is a really good player. Jason Garrett was asked exactly why and he cited where Cooper was drafted, his collegiate history, Alabama’s reputation, and what he has done early in his career during his days in Oakland. They are clearly thrilled with their new wide receiver.

What’s more is that Jason Garrett used the word “firepower” when discussing Cooper and said that they felt he fit into their culture. It’ll be nice to have some of that.

Dallas saw things that they liked from Cooper

Jason Garrett was asked what they liked about Cooper and he kept it simple noting that they really like what they’ve seen on tape from him. Alright then.

Why didn’t the Cowboys add “firepower” earlier?

When asked why the Cowboys hadn’t added this sort of “firepower” before this point in the season, Jason Garrett simply noted that this is an every day process. He said that the Cowboys are constantly talking to all teams about all players and that Amari Cooper fit what they want to do.

He also emphasized that the Cowboys began discussions about Amari Cooper before the game in Washington last Sunday.

Jason Garrett doesn’t seem worried about drops with Amari Cooper

When asked if he was concerned about drops during a press conference that was almost entirely about Amari Cooper Jason Garrett simply responded “who’s drops?”. He also noted that Cooper has demonstrated that he can be a very productive player. Garrett talked about contested catches, running after the catch, but he did note that there is no such thing as a perfect player and that they were simply going to try and get Amari’s best.

Cowboys haven’t met with Cooper yet

As of the time of Jason Garrett’s press conference (4;15pm ET) the Cowboys had not met with their new wide receiver yet. Jason Garrett did say that Cooper should be at the Cowboys facility later on Tuesday afternoon

Getting Amari Cooper up to speed is the biggest challenge

The biggest challenge for Cooper and the Cowboys is obviously going to be getting him up to speed. Jason Garrett specifically cited language, nuances, and details that are different in Dallas than they are any other place that Cooper has been.

Jason Garrett wasn’t going to compare Cooper to Roy Williams

Jason Garrett doesn’t like to compare players and that held true in this case. He noted that every situation is unique year in and year out with drafts, free agency, and general turnover. He noted that you’re constantly teaching guys things to get them up to speed and acclimated and that this spot would be no different.

Cowboys are still figuring out what spot Cooper is going to play

Garrett said they’re having those discussions right now and that the biggest thing is to get him in here now. Said he has the capability to play inside, outside, whatever they ask of him. they just have to get him moving in that direction.

Amari Cooper is going to help Dak Prescott as well as everybody else

When asked how Cooper is going to help the Cowboys quarterback Jason Garrett noted that he is “an explosive outside receiver, and I think that helps everybody.” Maybe he’ll definitely play on the outside then?

“This guy is like a draft pick”

The Cowboys gave up a first-round pick in order to acquire Amari Cooper and Jason Garrett discussed Cooper being just 24 years old and said that he has all of the physical traits you want as well as the intangible character qualities. He specifically said “this guy is like a draft pick” when referencing whether or not the Cowboys would be able to get a player of this quality come draft time. Many have said that the Cowboys might not be able to which is why they were fine giving up a first-round pick to begin with. It’s worth noting that Jason Garrett also said that they believe Amari Cooper will be in Dallas for a long time.

“Stephen spoke to their people”

Considering who the Dallas Cowboys are it continues to remain interesting how Stephen Jones was seemingly the man in charge of executing this trade. Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie cited Stephen as the responsible party as did Jason Garrett.

Dak is great at building relationships and chemistry

Jason Garrett noted that Dak Prescott will be spending a lot of time with Amari Cooper this week, but he also said that he wouldn’t get into the specifics of it.

Cowboys know people that have been around Cooper

Life in the NFL typically comes with a lot of crossover, and the Cowboys certainly have some when it comes to Amari Cooper. Jason Garrett’s past with Nick Saban is well-documented, but there are many more dots to be connected when it comes to their new receiver.

Will Scott Linehan be more aggressive?

Jason Garrett noted that when you add a player like Amari Cooper that that’s good for everybody. He didn’t dive too deep on what Linehan will and won’t do simply leaving it at the idea that Cooper will help the Cowboys.

“Everybody’s going to be scratching and clawing for snaps”

With the addition of Cooper the Cowboys receiving group grew by one, although they are moving on from Brice Butler. The top trio will likely consist of him, Cole Beasley, and Michael Gallup, beyond that it’s going to be interesting.

Geoff Swaim update

Cowboys fans everywhere saw that Geoff Swaim hurt his knee during Sunday’s loss. Jason Garrett announced that Swaim would be getting an MRI on Tuesday and that the Cowboys don’t anticipate him practicing this week

“We really handled from 4:55 on really well”

Jason Garrett was quite proud of how the Cowboys handled the end of the game in Washington, citing how they scored a touchdown late in the game.

There seems to be room for debate there.

Cowboys sent in the snap infraction to the NFL

Jason Garrett declined to get into officiating, but he did note that the Cowboys did send the snap infraction penalty into the league (as well as some other things) just to get some feedback.

No practice for Zack Martin this week

It’s the bye week. Remember that.

CJ Goodwin broke his forearm and will have surgery on Tuesday

That’s not good.

Update on injuries to Zack Martin and Geoff Swaim.

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