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Cowboys coaching change: OL coach Paul Alexander fired, Marc Colombo promoted, Hudson Houck returns

The Cowboys front office owns up to a mistake.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Just one week after significantly changing their roster by trading for Amari Cooper, the Dallas Cowboys are changing their coaching staff. They have fired offensive line coach Paul Alexander.

We speculated last week that the Cowboys could be making a coaching change and that was because they were on a bye. Dallas is officially getting back to work and ready to host the Tennessee Titans next week on Monday Night Football, and they’re going to need elite offensive line play from that point on towards the end of the season.

The Cowboys have long had one of the NFL’s best offensive lines but they’ve struggled this season. Dallas swapped offensive line coaches with the Cincinnati Bengals when they fired Alexander and the Cowboys moved on from Frank Pollack. The Alexander era didn’t even last half of the season as he had the unit learning a new technique that never stuck.

Dallas is sticking with familiarity in terms of the heir to Alexander. Former Cowboys offensive lineman, and current coach, Marc Colombo will take over the duties up front.

Many might be wondering why the Cowboys didn’t make this change during the bye, but for all we know they did and we’re only just now hearing about it. Many people also chastised Jason Garrett for attending the World Series in Los Angeles over last weekend (including former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson). It’s being reported that Garrett may have been meeting with Hudson Houck who lives in the Los Angeles area who is also being brought back to the staff.

Here’s to hoping things work out for the better from here on out.

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