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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys move around a bit despite being on bye

Back from the bye, we check in on the Power Rankings.

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Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Cowboys didn’t play a game last week but that’s not stopping various publications from adjusting them in their power rankings. As we all know power rankings are the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so we can take them at their word.

How is the world seeing Dallas with a week’s worth of Amari Cooper knowledge settling in? Let’s see.

SB Nation: 24th, previously 23rd (-1)

We’re going to have a lot of this for some time with the Cowboys. Right now they’re simply at a place where they need to prove to the rest of the world that they really are a contender. Sure the Amari Cooper trade is exciting as far as how it can help, but evidence matters. 17th, previously 18th (+1)

More World Series talk! Kind of!

The Amari Cooper trade generated enough water cooler talk for Joe Buck to bring it up in the World Series Game 3 broadcast. Now we will all find out how much blame the receiving corps deserves for the passing-game woes in Dallas. While Dak Prescott has not been the most accurate passer (something that’s been mentioned a few times in this space), it’s not as if the windows he sees are of the larger variety. Cole Beasley: still one of the top Ys around.

ESPN: 21st, previously 22nd (+1)

As this is Halloween week, plenty of outlets are adding themes to their rankings. The worldwide leader took it upon themselves to identify “scary” trends for each team. I’ll bet you a whole bag of candy that you could guess where they went with Dallas.

The Cowboys are winless away from home, and their season could be on the line with back-to-back road games against the Eagles and Falcons on Nov. 11 and 18. The offense has been stifled. The Cowboys have converted just 14 of 52 third-down opportunities and scored just five touchdowns on 47 possessions in the first four road games. In Dak Prescott’s first two years as the starting quarterback, the Cowboys lost just four road games. They have matched that total already in 2018. -- Todd Archer

Sports Illustrated: t-18th, previously 20th (+2)

The most interesting part about SI’s ranking is that they have a staff that collectively power ranks all teams and as a result they list the highest vote that each team got. Someone within SI ranked the Cowboys 13th.

That’s fascinating.

USA Today: 18th, previously 18th (no change)

Here we have another Halloween-related spin on power rankings. USA Today decided to dub each team a trick or a treat (give me something good to eat!) and noted the Cowboys as a treat.

Do you disagree?

Bleacher Report: 20th, previously 21st (+1)

It can be hard to understand just how up and down the Cowboys have been this season. BR gave it their best shot with this.

The Dallas Cowboys are not a bad team. They have one of the NFL’s better tailbacks in Ezekiel Elliott, a solid offensive line and a good defense.

However, the Cowboys are not an especially good team. The receiving corps is one of the weakest in the league, and without any weapons to speak of in the passing game, Dak Prescott hasn’t exactly been lighting up the box score.

The arrival of Amari Cooper in the trade with the Raiders should help, but he’s not a magical cure-all.

That about sums it up.

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