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BTB news: We’ve added a new moderator

Hurray, team!

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We here at BTB Headquarters are proud to announce the latest addition to our team. After a few weeks of training, we are ready to bring to the public our latest moderator, Cody Snead. Cody has been part of the BTB community for a long time and recently expressed an interest in helping to keep it one of the best places to talk Dallas Cowboys football anywhere. He’ll be join our top-notch moderator team of Rena, Densa, Jeber and Tennessee Jed. They do such an outstanding job in what is a very tough job, I just can’t express my thanks to them enough. Welcome aboard, Cody!

While we’re here talking moderators, it’s probably a good time for a few reminders. First up, the Community Guidelines are here. If you haven’t read them, or haven’t in a long time, it might be good to check them out. I think I could sum them up though with a couple of thoughts. Just bypass the profanity, and respect one another. I guarantee if you follow those two simple rules, you’ll never run into trouble on the board.

One more important thing, if you feel you’ve been wronged by the moderators, the very last thing you should do is take that complaint to the board. That is not going to fly. You can always email me with any questions or complaints.

So welcome Cody, and a big thanks to all the moderators and the job they do.

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