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Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans: Five bold predictions

Let’s have some fun.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Any time that the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans play it’s fun, but it’s not a rivalry.

Rivalries are about more than it being two elite teams, which the Houston Texans have never been and the Cowboys have struggled to be for some time. Rivalries are about two teams that have exchanged serious blows. They’re pairs that have seen both side head home with their tail tucked, and that just doesn’t exist here.

Houston has only won one regular season matchup against the Cowboys, but to be fair it was the game to win as it was the inaugural one way back in 2002. Dallas has won the last three, including the last one in H-Town, and we’re all hoping that they can make it four in a row.

What will happen en route to a hopeful victory? That’s what we’re here to discuss, fam. Let’s do a little dance, have a little fun, and basically get down tonight. Time for BTB’s bold predictions.

Tavon Austin will have over 100 yards from scrimmage

Look. The Dallas Cowboys are going to force-feed Ezekiel Elliott. You know it. I know it. Anybody who’s somebody knows it.

If they want to win, last I checked they do, the Dallas Cowboys are going to have to find somebody else to help move the chains and get things going offensively. We’ve seen so far on this young season that somebody with the ability to do that is all-speed man Tavon Austin.

It’s a given that Tavon will get at least one jet sweep in the game which will be good for 10-12 yards, hopefully he’ll pick up a big gain through the air at one point, the point is we’re going to add that up and it’s going to be over 100. Deal? Deal.

Dallas will have a drive that lasts at least 10 minutes

Last week against the Detroit Lions the Cowboys saw their penultimate possession of the game last over eight and a half minutes. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

This is an unreal amount of time to possess the ball at any point in the game, but the Cowboys did it in the game’s fourth quarter. Granted Dallas had to ultimately settle for a field goal and that move could have been costly if not for a heroic last-second drive by Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, but the fact remains that they got back to somewhat vintage form with a long possession like that.

There’s no denying that this is the recipe to success for the Cowboys. They need to run the ball, run out the clock, and then go play defense with their solid group behind them. Get ready to sit down when the Cowboys are on offense and stay there as they’re going to hit double-digit minutes.

Taco Charlton will lead the game in sacks

DeMarcus Lawrence is currently the NFL leader in sacks, but unfortunately the Houston Texans are likely aware of this fact (fingers crossed, though).

The Texans offensive line is quite bad, in fact it could be the worst assembly across the entire National Football League. That idea coupled with extra attention paid to Tank could amount to a big day in the sack department for Taco Charlton.

It really should be noted how well Taco is playing into the second quarter of his second season in Dallas. You’d be hard pressed to find a first-round draft selection who was less popular with Cowboys fans than Charlton, and he’s really rounding into form quite nicely. Considering the Cowboys offensive line is going to give their all in stopping J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney, it’s possible for Taco to be the sack king of this contest.

Let’s hope Taco rounds all the way into Houston, soft and crunchy style.

There will be a fake of some kind

Last time the Cowboys were on the road for Sunday Night Football the world saw Chris Jones run a fake punt. The crazy thing is this wasn’t even the first time that Jones caught everyone off guard with a fake, and it wasn’t even the first time that he did it to NBC’s Sunday Night Football!

I’m not saying the fake involved in Houston is going to be a punt, I’m only saying Chris Jones is somewhat known for this in this time slot. Either way there are fakes happening all over the place this season in the NFL, it’s time to see one and hopefully have it go our way.

The Cowboys defense will get their first interception of the season

One of the more unfortunate facts this season is that the Dallas Cowboys are the only team in the NFL to not have an interception while on defense. Womp womp.

Not shockingly, this puts the Cowboys last in turnovers. You never want to be here, but this is where we find ourselves and it’s time to start shaking things up.

Houston’s Deshaun Watson is a talented quarterback who is going to make this game very difficult for the Cowboys; however, he is also known to turn the ball over a bit. This is the perfect way to cure this little cold we’ve caught (the only thing we’ve caught, apparently).

I’ll even take it a step further and describe the interception-to-be. Deshaun Watson is going to scramble, get pressured by the Hot Boyz, the ball will be tipped, and that glorious piece of pigskin will land in the waiting arms of Leighton Vander Esch.

Let’s party.

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