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Dez Bryant: They had Jason Witten as our No. 1 so Jerry is right

Well there’s that.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It seemingly never ends when it comes to Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys, even though the team released him back in April.

On Tuesday morning Jerry Jones made waves when he noted that it had been “several years” since the Cowboys employed a “true No. 1” receiver. This obviously was of note considering that the Dallas Cowboys recently had Dez Bryant on their team and that he was regarded to be one of those.

Predictably, Dez Bryant responded on Twitter. That’s where we’re at in 2018. In his esteemed opinion if you play for the Cowboys you will never see targets like players on other teams. This is likely a reference to how run-heavy the squad is.

Bryant is quick to remind us that he is “Mr. 73” which is of course a reference to him being the franchise’s all-time leader in receiving touchdowns. He talks about how he was “never schemed into things” and that he “made things happen throughout” his career.

It will likely debated as to who was the “true No. 1” receiver for the Cowboys in the time that they had both Dez and Jason Witten, but the numbers prove that Bryant saw more targets despite playing in less games.

The Cowboys play the Jacksonville Jaguars this week and they just signed Jamaal Charles. So we’ve also got that going on!

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