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Play BTB Bingo as the Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles for the first time this season!

Let’s have some fun.

Tennessee Titans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This Cowboys game in Philadelphia feels like one of the most important games of the Jason Garrett era. Either Dallas is going to do their best to scratch and claw their way back into this NFC East fight or they’re going to fold for the third consecutive contest.

There will be a lot going on in the minds of Cowboys fans as this game goes on, but don’t forget BTB Bingo will be going on as well! If you want to play along through the Week 10 game for the Cowboys, here is the official card.

The NFC East is begging for someone to win it and both the Cowboys and Eagles are still well within striking distance. The winner of this game is going to have even more of a shot to catch the Washington Redskins while the loser could be closer to the end of their season. Hopefully that’s not us, but the last few weeks haven’t been all too inspiring.

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