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Report: Jason Garrett could take offensive play-calling duties away from Scott Linehan

Should he?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday morning word broke that Jason Garrett considered moving on from offensive coordinator Scott Linehan both before the season began and then again during the bye.

What’s amazing is that the Cowboys as an organization thought over moving on from Linehan during the offseason and responded by not only retaining him, but giving him more control and influence over the offensive staff as a whole. They’ve been all-in on him since then.

It’s becoming more apparent that Scott Linehan is in the eleventh hour and has to do something very impressive if he wants to turn back time. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport also reported on Sunday that Jason Garrett could possibly take over the Cowboys offensive play-calling duties, something people have been clamoring for for some time.

This is an idea that is more hope than anything if we’re being honest with ourselves. It’s been a very long time since Jason Garrett called plays for the Dallas Cowboys. What is there to suggest that he could make a difference other than the fact that it would be some sort of change?

Sometimes changing for the sake of change isn’t a terrible idea, but that’s all we’re talking about here. The Cowboys could move on from Scott Linehan, but even if they did they’re still stuck with the offensive staff that he customized. They simply can’t undo everything he’s done with one decision even if it is a large one like who calls the plays.

Do you want Jason Garrett to take over offensive play-calling? Do you really think it would make that large of a difference? Or do you just want to see something else, literally anything else?

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