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Despite big win in Philadelphia, Cowboys fans are still in a wait-and-see mode with the team

People want to see more before really believing in the Cowboys again.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Dallas Cowboys did something incredible. They won a road game against the Philadelphia Eagles and they did so after just about everybody counted them out.

The trope all week long headed into Philly was of the “it would be so Cowboys for them to actually win this game” and that’s exactly what happened. America’s Team rallied around a cause, call it the entire world chastising them on a weekly basis if you want, and took down the reigning Super Bowl Champions. It’s impressive. No one can deny that.

As many atta-boys as Dallas deserves for their win though, the collective voice of Cowboys fans everywhere isn’t exactly ready to sing a special song or anything. We’ve been tracking the confidence of Cowboys fans every week with SB Nation’s FanPulse tool and it shows that people aren’t ready to overreact to just one win.

Cowboys fans aren’t the swinging pendulum people think they are

We already know that Cowboys fans are the best as far as fans go, but Cowboys fans are also the most accurate at knowing their team (FanPulse told us this previously). It should then come as no surprise that Dallas rooters aren’t going to jump on some cause just because the team managed to win one game, however impressive it was.

Technically speaking confidence for Dallas Cowboys fans dropped from 25% to 23% after last week. Yes, after the week where the Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles.

When FanPulse asks Cowboys fans (sign up to be part of the group RIGHT HERE) about their confidence in the future of the team there are three options: very, meh, not at all. The reason for the dip in confidence when there should be a rise (Sunday’s win merits that) is that votes are falling too far into the “meh” category to properly carry the group into a positive direction.

The win in Philadelphia was impressive for a lot of reasons. It was the first road win of the season, it was against a division rival, it was the reigning Super Bowl Champions, and the Cowboys scored 27 points when they’d failed to break 17 at any point on the road this season. It’s totally fair to be more confident in the team, but there’s obviously no reason to get carried away with anything.

Confidence is a finicky thing. It goes and comes. It’s powerful and weak. Life as a Dallas Cowboys fan is certainly a ride along that roller coaster. If the squad is able to exorcise the demons from a year ago in Atlanta on Sunday there will surely be significant jump. Whether you think that’s possible ultimately lies in your confidence in the team though, funny isn’t it?

A preview for Sunday’s game in Atlanta from the official BTB YouTube Channel (Subscribe here):

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