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Jason Garrett: Four defensive linemen not expected to practice, linebackers could play a role in helping

Coach updates us on all things Cowboys.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Friday brings us the last Jason Garrett press conference of the week. As the Cowboys prepare for the Falcons, we get the last word. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)

How is the defensive line depth and will you have to make a roster move?

Guys are out, hopefully we’ll have enough guys for the game, we’ll find out more today. Maliek Collins will practice, Antwaun Woods won’t. We don’t expect Taco Charlton or Daniel Ross to do much if anything. (We are assuming David Irving won’t practice either though it wasn’t specifically mentioned at the press conference).

Will you have to use some linebackers in roles on the defensive line?

We have linebackers that could do some things, that would be the way to handle it if that is needed, you give them a role that they can handle.

Will Joe Thomas be able to play?

He’s done a good job the last few days, we’ll see how he does today, but he has worked hard and had a couple of good days.

What about Tyron Smith and Zack Martin in practice today?

Smith and Martin will practice today.

Does Leon Lett’s playing experience help him coach?

There is no question his playing experience can help with coaching, it can help you relate to players about handling things. Lots of experiences to draw from, but most important is how you get players to play better. That’s what Leon has done, handled it really well. Players have respect for him as a person and a coach. He has helped them technically and emotionally.

When you were playing with him did you think he would ever be a coach?

I never thought about it at the time, I wouldn’t have anticipated it if I had been asked but it’s a great story. When he was finished playing he went back and got his degree then coached in college, then we brought him on an internship. He knows how to coach and bring the best out in players, it’s also been great him working with Rod. The players have benefited.

How is DeMarcus Lawrence playing this year?

He’s played very well, in both the pass and run game. Gets a lot of attention every week, backs chipping or tight ends staying in, and he continues to show up. He makes plays for us, it’s not a sack every week but he is impacting the game, pressuring the quarterback.

With how Zach Ertz played last week, how do you defense Austin Hooper at TE?

They got a lot of weapons and it starts with the quarterback, he uses everybody, tight ends, runners, they use them all. Tight end is a big part of what they do. We just have to play our defense, sound and disciplined and hopefully absorb that.

Roger Staubach getting the Medal of Freedom?

He is one of the most amazing people, his career as an athlete, a Heisman trophy winner, a Super Bowl winner, one of the best ever, but the story goes beyond that. He’s successful as a business man and as a person. He’s a rare gift to everybody who comes across him. He’s had a positive impact on my life. He is deserving of that honor.

Every time you meet him are you still in awe?

Yes, you’re like “It’s Roger Staubach,” even Hall of Fame players look at him like that. Troy Aikman still thinks like “That’s Roger Staubach!” So may grew up watching him, it goes beyond football, he’s had a positive impact.

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