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Jason Garrett updates situations on David Irving, Zack Martin

Coach updates us on the state of the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Cowboys are still in prep mode for their upcoming game on Monday night versus the Titans. Let’s hear what coach Garrett has to say about how things are playing out at the Star. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)

David Irving hurt himself in practice during drills

Jason Garrett addressed David Irving’s injury noting that it happened in practice during inside run drills and that they were going to monitor his situation moving forward. He has had treatment and is feeling better.

The Cowboys like what David Irving has done so far

Obviously David Irving changes what the Cowboys can do defensively. Coach Garrett discussed how they really like what they’ve seen from him, saying he was off to a good start even though he hadn’t played much and has been limited in snaps. He noted he still needs to get fully back to game shape.

Zack Martin should do “a little bit more” on Friday

Coach said Martin should be involved in individual drills and they will evaluate him after that to see about the rest of practice.

No update on Randy Gregory

Jason Garrett was quick to remind the world that Friday is a “Thursday practice” and that they don’t know the status of some things at this point.

Jason Garrett’s understanding is the x-ray is negative on David Irving

“He hurt his ankle,” is all Jason Garrett had to say. Jerry Jones did say on 105.3 The Fan on Friday morning that David was in the middle of getting all that done (an MRI and doctor’s evaluation) and that he didn’t have a report on it at that particular moment (about 11:30am ET).

Amari Cooper had a good day on Thursday

Coach was complimentary about how hard Cooper works and his dedication to football, called him a serious-minded guy who is young and productive. He also addressed the idea about Cooper helping to open up the offense for others by noting the more weapons you have the tougher it is to cover them all.

Jason Witten returning as an announcer will be interesting

Jason Garrett discussed how he has an incredible amount of admiration and respect for Jason Witten. Witten is going to be working the game this week with Monday Night Football and Garrett said it would obviously be different meeting with him in this sort of context versus what they’ve known previously.

Marc Colombo’s transition is one where he has to be hands on

This is a very big week for Marc Colombo as he’s ascending to the offensive line coach. Obviously he has experience as a former offensive lineman for the Cowboys, but Jason Garrett did mention how Colombo is now the lead voice in addition to working with Hudson Houck. Garrett did share that he’s told Colombo how he has to hit the ground running. There is no time for learning when you’re at Week 9 of the season. Ultimately Jason Garrett did his best to note that Colombo has been doing a lot of what he’ll need to be doing, now it’s just an official title.

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