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What are Cowboys fans thankful for this Thanksgiving?

We take a moment to share what we’re thankful for.

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Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to spend time with family and eat some great food. But for Cowboys fans, it’s also a time to watch our beloved team play football. It’s a real treat and for over 50 years, we could always count on seeing the boys in blue in action on Thanksgiving day. This holiday is time where we can reflect and think about the things we are thankful for. Whether it be a job, some good health, or having a football team right in the thick of the playoff hunt - there are plenty of things to be grateful for. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought we take this time to count our blessings and acknowledge what we are thankful for.

For me, I’m very thankful that my family tolerates my love for my favorite team. My wife has a very high tolerance of all things blue as they have migrated into our home over the years. She makes sure my Cowboys polo shirt is always clean and ready to go for victory Monday. I am exempt of all responsibilities during the Cowboys game and if the outcome isn’t favorable, she provides extra comfort as if I have just went through a personal tragedy. My family is very supportive of my Cowboys addiction and I love them for that.

When it comes to this team, I am thankful that they make my football seasons relevant year-after-year. The Cowboys have the highest winning percentage of any team in the NFL, so if you’ve been a long-time fan - your Sundays have turned out good more times than not. Things may not always go well, but this team manages to stay competitive. They have an owner that is always trying, a coach that is committed to getting better, and a young team on the rise. It’s a great time to be a Cowboys fans and I’m thankful this team makes my football watching experience so enjoyable.

Over at the Mothership, the Cover 4 staff reveals what they are thankful for and Taylor Stern expressed a little appreciation for the college that the Cowboys have used as “farm system” in recent years.

“I’m very thankful for Boise State University for supplying us with people like DeMarcus Lawrence, Tyrone Crawford, Leighton Vander Esch, and soon to be Cedric Wilson. Boise State produced this talent, brought it here to be so. They have a blue field out there and I see no coincidence in that.”

Randy Gurzi from the NFL Spin Zone listed five things he was thankful for, including the guys really calling the shots in Big D.

Every owner who cares about their team is involved in the decision making — Jones just loves to let it be known. He also loves the credit. However, he’s not in there calling shots alone. In fact, looking at how mad he got when Johnny Manziel and Paxton Lynch weren’t picked, you could say he rarely calls them at all anymore.

While Jason Garrett is called a ‘puppet,’ he’s actually had more pull than any other coach with Jones. Jerry likes the vision Garrett has and is building the team to his specifications. Garrett has done this while working closely with Jerry’s son, Stephen Jones, and his assistant Will McClay.

That trio is calling the shots now. Sure, Jerry can overrule them, but he doesn’t seem to be — as the aforementioned players they skipped on prove. While Garrett may have his shortcomings as a coach, he has done well with McClay and Stephen Jones to build a decent roster.

We should be thankful for this because some of the rosters built when Jerry Jones was shooting from the hip were atrocious — see Quincy Carter and Troy Hambrick.

We asked fans on Twitter what they were thankful for...

A couple of our own front page writers shared their thoughts.

What did other fans have to say?

A little love for Papa Jones

A hat tip to the 2014 draft class

Life is good

What about you? What are you thankful for?

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