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WATCH: Ezekiel Elliott had the greatest celebration ever on his first Thanksgiving Day touchdown

There was feeding involved.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys took their opening drive of their Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Washington Redskins all the way for a touchdown. It was magnificent top to bottom.

Perhaps the most incredible element of the opening score for the good guys was the celebration that the scorer, Ezekiel Elliott, did. Zeke very famously jumped in the Salvation Army kettle two years ago and on Thursday he upped the ante... literally.

Zeke donated $21 to the kettle, obviously to match his jersey number. It was one of those pre-planned celebrations which are always fantastic if executed properly.

The Salvation Army and Dallas Cowboys have long been partners so it’s really great to see Zeke supporting the cause when the moment is biggest and brightest. This celebration was fantastic and may indeed have topped his original kettle jump from 2016.

You can donate yourself by texting “kettles” to 91999 if you’d like. Kudos to Zeke for the creativity, sincerity, and getting into the endzone!

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