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Jason Garrett press conference: it’s “Wednesday” this Sunday

The head coach spoke on “Wednesday.”

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and before Thursday Night Football, which means it’s “Wednesday” to head coach Jason Garrett. He addressed the media in preparation of the game against the New Orleans Saints. Here’s what he had to say. (All Garrett answers are paraphrases of what he said and not direct quotes).

Drew Brees is a great player

This is obvious, but Jason Garrett gave New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees a ton of compliments when discussing his game and went as far as noting that he looks like he’s in his early 20s. There’s no denying that the Cowboys have a tall order on hand Thursday night in stopping what could be the league’s MVP this season.

The Cowboys respect the New Orleans Saints

What the Saints have done this season has been well-chronicled. Coach Garrett discussed how they’ve won 10 games in a row and noted that they’re playing at an extremely high level in every phase of the game.

Fundamentals remain important in a week like this

Shocker here, but the Cowboys want to play at the highest level against the Saints. Bold strategy!

Cowboys defense is getting ready

Things are going to be taken step by step. The Saints have an explosive offense and limiting them is going to take a lot of work in practice this week. Hopefully the Hot Boyz are ready.

Tyron Smith will hopefully practice on Sunday

Cam Fleming will stay ready.

Taco Charlton is expected to practice

There were no tacos on Thanksgiving, maybe there will be this Thursday.

Dak and Amari’s quick connection is a product of hard work

What Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper have done together in just four games really broke open against Washington. Jason Garrett gave them both credit for working hard at things together, noting that Amari was a “quarterback-friendly guy.”

Amari’s YAC ability is apparent

Obviously Amari Cooper is a very good wide receiver and his run after the catch ability is among his talents, probably one of the more quarterback-friendly ones. We saw him break away from the Redskins on his 90-yard touchdown and plays like that are always going to make anyone connected to the Cowboys happy.

DeMarcus Lawrence is playing well

First of all, duh. But Jason Garrett discussed how Tank has been playing out of his mind this season. He highlighted that Lawrence gets a lot of attention from opposing offenses so his ability to continually produce is noteworthy.

Dallas wants to score points on all of their drives

When asked if lengthy drives were sort of the ideal situation against New Orleans, Jason Garrett chose not to totally answer and noted that you simply always want to score. It goes without saying that if the Cowboys can put together long, time-consuming drives things work in their favor.

Anthony Brown has certainly continued to grow

One of the key points of the last Cowboys win was Anthony Brown’s interception. We spend a lot of time (rightfully so) praising what Byron Jones has done at cornerback under Kris Richard but it’s certainly great to see other players benefiting, too.

Jason Garrett learned a lot from Sean Payton

The duo coached together with the New York Giants and Jason Garrett discussed how he learned a lot from Payton while in the Big Apple. Jason Garrett loves football and football history so working with someone like Sean Payton is surely time he cherished to a degree.

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