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MUST WATCH: Jason Witten’s tribute video during his first game back at AT&T Stadium is incredible

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Is it dusty in here?

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Tony Romo’s first return to AT&T Stadium when he worked the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs game. Today also marks Jason Witten’s return to work the Cowboys and Titans Monday Night Football matchup.

Just like they did a year ago for Romo, the Cowboys pulled out all of the stops for Witten. They put a banner that welcomed Jason home in one of the endzones of the stadium, and yes, they did make a welcome home video for him just like they did his former quarterback.

These type of things are always great to see and will forever be part of the team we all root for. Legends that gave us all such great memories should be honored and it was great to see Witten get what he deserved.